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Frontloading Too Much to Inject?


Hey guys is it to much to inject 1.5 grams at one time? I'm planning on frontloading my test deca cycle (600mgstest/300mgsdecca) When I did the frontload calculations I got the frontload figures of :

Test E @ 600mgs a week: 985 frontload
Deca @ 300mgs a week: 492 frontload

I've read that you inject once the frontload amount than return to normal procedure.. If I were to inject that in one shot is that to much? How do you guys manage to do these huge frontload injections? 1.5 grams in one inject seems like alot! Thanks


How many mls is it? I know very little about frontloading, but I do know I would not put much more than 3mls at a time into a large muscle, or more than 1.5 to 2 into a smaller muscle. If I had to, for example, shoot 6mls all at once, I would split it up into R/L glute or VG, at least.


I have had to inject 5ml or more as a frontload on a number of occassions, and as i never inject more than 2ml in any muscle group, i split the injection over 3 or so smaller shots done consecutively.



I would do about 2ml max in split injections (exact mls depending on mg/ml of your test e and deca). Glutes and/or ventro-glutes.

If you plan on dosing both compounds 2x/w for your cycle, I get the following:

test e: 730mg on Day 1 (Could round off to 750mg or 3ml test e if concentrated at 250mg/ml)
Followed by 300mg 2x/w (1.2ml = 300mg @ 250mg/ml - example Mon. morning & Thurs. afternoon)

Deca: 450mg on Day 1 (If concentrated at 200mg/ml then you need 2.25ml to attain 450mg on day 1)
Followed by 150mg 2x/w (0.75ml = 150mg @ 200mg/ml - Mon. morning & Thurs. afternoon)


Haha only 2ml per muscle Brook you really do love to inject!

It may be individual but 3ml in the glute shouldn't be a problem for most.


It's just because i know that the recommended maximum volume for an IM depot is 2ml. However those recommendations are guidelines set by Substance Misuse Services in the UK and are likely a conservative estimate... for example, a 130lb junkie would not be able to handle as much of a depot of any drug (in someone who's veins are shot it is common to IM a rec. drug rather than IV) as a 220lb bodybuilder.

But yeah.. i stick to 2ml or under. If i have a 3ml injection i split it in two.

I get free pins plus it takes no time to do and i am quite experienced with injecting so don't ever give it a second thought. Eyes closed scenario..

Someone with no free or limited access to works or someone who is nervous about the procedure (which can take a lot of time to 'get used to' - especially when cycling vs. injecting daily) may be tempted to do one larger injection over two smaller ones, paradoxically though this also means they will have had less experience so may be more likely to experience pain at the site...

I stick to 2ml max and suggest that to people i talk to - but it isn't wrong to do otherwise AFAIK.