Frontloading Test C? First Week Into My Cycle

I’m think about frontloading test c, I inject on a wed & sat. Today is Sunday and I’m thinking about shooting 500mg of test to kick start my cycle. Do you guys recommend this or I’m I too late into my cycle?

stop using steroide newbie

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If you wanna spike your test wayyy up, and you’ve previously done a Test cycle… I preload but it’s on the first day of my cycle. And I only push 400 for a preload. It’s prolly not doing much but I like the confidence…

The C that you took is about to start kicking in if it hasn’t already. There’s no point in front loading now. All you’re going to do is spike your e levels and complicate your cycle.

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Rs6avant, can you check my topic on SARMs/test/dbol cycle I started and give me any advice at all? I’m wondering if it’s too many things at once and can’t find enough info…Thanks man… you seem qualified by your other answers…

If you have to ask if you should front load the answer is no.

Front loading spikes everything and if it is your first or 2nd or 3rd or what ever cycle you probably arent experienced enough to handle it or worry about it. (Speaking from experience.)

As you are a newbie and gonna do what ya want just make sure you dial in your arimidex dosage.

Ideal way is to get your E2 levels checked weekly and adjust your Arimidex dose to match.

Realisticly though: every time your nipples get puffy take 0.5mg until you find a dosage that works consistently (give it a few hours and dont exceed 1mg per day). Then once the test levels are balanced try to lower the arimidex.

I’m not frontloading, I’ll just wait for the test to kick in. Don’t know if it’s placebo or not but my pumps have been great.

Another thing, I was gonna use 500mg of hcg every week to keep my balls full starting at around week 5-6, do you recommend this? I don’t want to start now as I don’t know if I’m gyno prone

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Frontloads never seemed to work for me on long esters. I always feel it “kick in” around the 3rd week. If I want to kickstart I just blast dbol the first few weeks of the cycle.

Great thanks