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Frontloading SERMs

is there any benefit to frontloading your SERMs at the start of your PCT? Say for example running 100mg of Clomid or 60mg Nolva for the first couple of days?

anybody? Surely someone’s tried it

I think it was Bonez who I first saw suggesting 60mg nolva the first day, then 20mg ED after that. I may be wrong on who said that, but I definitely read it somewhere.

I know people who have done it and it seemed to work just fine.

I personally don’t utilize PCT as I am a cruise/blast guy but I know guys who do their PCT this way.

It was Bill Roberts who used to recommend that.

Do a search for all of BR’s stuff actually, one of the sharpest minds this board has ever seen…

nice, thanks very much for that lads.

Yeah he recommends doing it so I figure I might as well

for those of you interested, Bill Roberts recommends

-300mg of clomid in 6 doses on day 1, and 50mg every day thereafter
-140mg Nolva in 3 or 4 doses on day 1, and 20mg every day thereafter

so that’s what I’m doing, although technically I’m doing it on day 2 of my PCT. Meh, I’m sure one day can’t make all that much difference