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Frontloading question

I’m 6’2 242 lbs. I’m not ripped but I have viens and a six pack. I am planning on doing an 8 week cycle consisting of 500mg of sustanon and 150-225mg of Tren a week. I have Proscar because I cherish my fragile hair and I have Nolvadex for an anti-e. My question is this…I have some extra sustanon lying around, what are your thoughts on me frontloading the sustanon for a couple of weeks before the regular cycle. I was thinking around 750mg. What are your thoughts? Any feedback will be much appreciated. thanks.

Definitely frontload the Sustanon. I would only do 1 week of frontload though. By the way, Proscar isn’t going to help you with the hair loss you may get with the Tren.

is this your first cycle? the tren dose is kind of low. even as low as 50mg of tren/day would be 350mg of tren/week.

As far as front loading goes, I would do 1g week one, then on to you reg dose for the rest of the cycle.

no this isn’t my first cycle, but this is the first time Iv’e done a cycle this potent, and yes I know it’s not that potent but I’m somewhat new to juice so I’m easing in slow. But it is the first time I have done tren. So 1 g for the first week? I’ll give that a try…thanks for your time.

no problem bro. good luck, and enjoy. The reason I said a higher dose for tren is that from all I have read, even someone new to juice will see very good results at no less that 50mg/day.

For the tren to be effective you would need to up it just a bit. 50mg per day would really add more quality muscle, specially since you’re doing only 500mgs of test. Although, your most potent cycle thus far, you would waste the tren by using such a small amount. Furthermore, there are only a few companies out there that give you the exact mgs per bottle that they claim. You could be indeed taking a lot less than your already small dosages. Frontloading the test at 1gr the first week or two is a great idea.

Hey,Bro!Frontloadingdoes work but not the way u think.I did sufficient amount of researchon sustanon loading nad ws convinced that sustanon a blend of four esters,each having different halflives,some long and some very short.Keeping this in mind you could go about loading 250mg ed for the first 3 days of wek 1 amd after a 2 day intervalstart injecting 100mg ed for the rest of ya cycle.You might find this wierd but only such regular dosing can give you Stable Blood Test levels.If you have fars of running out of sites,don’t worry ya butt should have enough room.Jus keep switching sides.Good luck Bro.

I agree, injecting ed is the best way to go for any steroid.

first time with tren? you should up the dosages to 100mgs ED. I just did a cycle with 100mgs ED with some test and dbol and got some incredible results. 50mgs a day would be pretty good for ya I would imagine, but 100mgs was amazing for my strength.

I agree all around. Frontload your Sustanon with 1000mg the first week, then continue at 500mg for the rest of the cycle.

As already said, Tren will work better at slightly higher dosages, with ED injections. I would shoot for 75mg of Tren every day. Good luck.