Frontloading Question

You guys can tell me I’m stupid, I don’t mind. My next cycle will be fina at 75mg/day. That’s pretty standard. There’s no reason to frontload steroids with a short half-life. We all agree on that, and I’ve never frontloaded tren before, myself. Only the steroids with a half-life over 72 hours.

I seem to remember someone saying that they had great results frontloading tren before. But I don’t know where I saw it. As it is, it takes a little over 3 weeks for me to feelit, maybe 4 weeks. At 75mg/day, the active gear in your body at day 7 is just over 250mg. When is actually starts to kick in (week3-4), bloodlevels are about 350mg through the remainder of the cycle? (Right?)

Say frontloading maybe 250mg/day 1 and 175mg/day 2 (those numbers are not definite), then you reach your desired bloodlevels in the first week.

Does that sound right? I’m not completely crazy, I remember reading it somewhere before, I just don’t remember the response. You guys can call me kooky, has anyone tried it or is there something I missed? If nobody talks me out of it, I’m gonna guinea pig on myself.

The one you need to get in touch with is TrenFreak, he has not been on here as of late. I talked to him by phone yesterday but he has that name for a reason. Pretty much anything to do with Tren he has tried. I believe he has tried a few cycles frontloaded but I cannot speak for him. Might want to shoot him a PM.

yep tren freak has spoken of fronting tren. however i also know he has said that there is really no need to do so.