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Frontloading Mag10 - wouldn't it be better......

well, this monday is the big day. finally after sitting in my closet since the original batch was shipped out, i will get to use my mag10. just had one last question though. instead of taking 2 doses on the first day to frontload, wouldn’t it be just as good or better to take one dose the night before and one in the morning. the reason i ask is because my first workout is monday morning and by taking 2 doses that morning, i wouldn’t think the mag10 would have time to ‘kick in’ for the first workout. i also remember reading Bill saying that the peak time is about 12 hours after you take it. by taking a dose the night before and in the morning, you would still have 2 doses in your system like frontloading, but it would have more time to ‘kick in’. comments?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

i’d play it safe if i were you and take a dose before you go to bed, and one when you awake…i’d be afraid of possibly wasting it if you did both at once…

Im not sure but I think it is more complex then that, it depends on half lives and time taken to get to a therputic dose. It is x half lives without front loading and y half lives (significantly less) with front loading.
YOu may well be right but to answer it properly you need either an expert (Bill where are you?) or to do some significant research on pharmocdynamics/kinetics and on the exact properties of mag 10.

This is pretty much exactly what I do, only I split my doses in half, 4.5 ml’s 12 hours before morning workout, 4.5 ml’s 6 hours before morning workout, 4.5 ml’s with morning workout, 4.5 ml’s 6 hours after morning workout this achieves the 2 dose front loading. Then I take 4.5 ml’s every 12 hours during the normal cycle.

That would be perfectly reasonable and actually is the same thing as what’s recommended. The only difference is in
the definition of “day”: as a 24 hour period, which could as in your case start in the evening; or as the 24 hour period starting at midnight; or as the 24 hour period starting at daybreak. In any case you’ll be taking two doses in the first 24 hours and one dose per 24 hours thereafter. No problem! :slight_smile:

I agree that allowing some time, e.g. 8-12
hours, between the first dose and the first workout is a good idea.

thanks for the replies. can’t wait to try this stuff. i just spent the whole day grocery shopping and preparing food for the rest of the week. i figured out all my meals and am ready to go!!! i’m gonna be eating like a mad man and training like one too. i will keep you guys posted with my results. once again, thanks.