Frontloading MAG-10

I was wondering if anything has been mentioned about front-loading MAG-10? Would it be beneficial in anyway? I don’t believe this issue has been addressed. anybody know?

I would like to know if this will be beneficial b/c it will determine the number of bottles I order.

It’s not necessary to frontload. It’s possible
that it might be optimal to do so, because
the ethylcarbonate ester does redistribute
to fat stores giving a long-lasting depot
form, but right now there is no assay for
blood levels of Androst-1-ene. We are working
on that. When we have the data then it will
be possible to quantitate that.

But even if it is somewhat preferable to
frontload, it wouldn’t likely be more than
taking 2 days’ worth on day 1, anyhow.

Thanks a lot for the reply Bill. One more question…if I just crack open my bottles of MAG-10 when I get them, and go college style on that shit, funneling every last delicious drop until its gone…will i break through my fuckin’ shirt Incredible Hulk style!!! (lol)
I will be on the lookout for your reco. in the near future about frontloading as you guys gather more data on this bad azz product. oh, and thank you for developing what I know is going to be the best fuckin’ thing to happen to us T-men since the invention of the bench press!!