Frontloading EQ

Is it true that if one takes 2x the normal dose you plan on using for your cycle on the 1st week you will see faster gains?


Wk1 1200mgs of EQ
Wk2-8 600mgs of EQ

From what I hear it takes as long as 8 weeks for one to see any results from EQ. If I frontload how fast could I expect to feel something?


quick go do some more reading…

It’s a simple matter of doing the calculations to find out how much of the drug is being released into your blood stream on a daily basis.

An example would be (these are quick approximate ball park figures):

take the half life of equipoise (around 15 days)

take 1200mg, = 600mg used in a span of 15 days, 600/15days= 40mg per day.

So if you injected 1200mg, you are looking at a daily does (approximately of 40mg per day, until you inject more.

inject 600 the following week…

300/15=20 + 40mg

so now you an average of 60mg perday,

inject 600mg the following week…


So as you can see you slowly build up blood levels of the drug as you inject more, and this is why gains are slow at first…