Frontloading EQ and Test

I have successfully ran 600 eq a week with 500 test and I am considering running the same or slightly modified cycle again for 20 weeks. Based on the advice I get here.

I have not front loaded before but the research makes sense to do that, and I would like to this cycle. If I do, do I front load the test and the eq? And if I do is it like this

1200mg eq weeks 1-2
1000mg test weeks 1-2
600 eq weeks 3-20
500 test weeks 3-20

Arimidex on hand
Nolva and clomid on hand

And last time I ran this I ran 4 weeks of dbol and did this for 16 weeks, so the eq wasn’t really well utilized I suppose being on the short end of time without the frontload.

Anyways I will adjust based on the input here, I’m sure! I was thinking 500mg each compound may just be easier math and basically as good, but I have no problem putting 2.2ml in a glute or shoulder at this time in terms of oil in a site.

You are going for 20 weeks, I wouldn’t front load so aggressively if at all. Maybe split the difference for 1 week. 750 test and 900 eq for the first week. That’s the most I’d do for a front load.

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Agreed. You don’t need to front load the test. If you want to front load the EQ the first two weeks sure. I’ve read mixed reviews about it but if you have experience with it before, try it and compare to how you did last time and maybe report back to us, would be good to see personal experience.

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I’ll consider that for sure
1200 mg is a massive amount and front loading is new to me. I based my numbers off Reddit’s “Why front-loading EQ makes way more sense (MATH INSIDE!)” thread in r/PEDs in the end. The guy broke down the mat really well at 500mg a week eq and what happens without frontloading.

I will definitely update my opinion as it happens. It sucks researching and not finding answers readily so hoepfully I can help someone out with my experience.

And I’ll skip on the test FL then if that’s right. I hadn’t really seen much supporting info on that theory.

You might catch some flack from some guys about EQ. I like it. It’s one of the only AAS I can use with minimal sides. I find better results than test alone. Not as strong as 19 Nors and many others but no hair loss, sexual sides, or emotional disturbances for me. Good luck.


I used it in the past to maintain my cardio while bulking. My appetite was increased and I faired real good sides wise.

If I wasn’t actively participating in carduo draining activities as a career I would go tren to bulk but that’s not really an option for me. And tren cough scares the hell out of me when I get it (100% of my right gut injections have resulted in that)

With eq I need to mind my hdl and ldl but I don’t think hairloss is genetically in my cards. I’m not sure how I want to run the adex yet but getting bloodwork isn’t really that accessible. My doctor has been acceptable of my steroid use and she only really asks, “is it really worth it” and when I got fertility tested she gave me good answers there so, so far the moderate use and proper pct and time between cycles has 100% made it worth it.

How would you guys rub adex if at all on so much eq?

I only run adex if I feel like I’m having estro sides. Boldenone converts to estrogen at half the rate of test, but since you’re running both it’s good to have on hand. If I do take adex I only take 0.25 mgs here and there, usually not more than once a week is all I need. Last time I blasted I took adex and killed my E2 so I’d rather it be higher than lower.

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If i front load i just load 1 weeks worth of stuff the day before the blast starts and then start the next day normally. Dont know if that does anything but thats how i always start my blasts.

If my EQ dose would be so high my E2 would be in the negatives, lol :smiley:

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0mg of adex per week for 20 weeks. You’re using EQ, that is your AI.


It works that way for some people, but I didn’t experience any AI effects from it. As silly as it sounds, I felt like it made my E2 worse (although it highly likely that was psychosomatic). I was running 20 mg nolva ED and .5 mg adex EOD and just barely had my gyno under control on my last cycle of 600 test, 400 tren, 400 bold cyp and 40 MENT.

Just another perspective.

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I’m going to blow your mind: your gyno had little to do with your e2. Your e2 was probably lower than it’s ever been in your life on that cycle with that much AI + bold. You were getting gyno that was entirely progesterone-mediated from the MENT.


Does EQ act as AI or just convert slower? I’ve tried to scour studies and all I could find was that it converts at a lower rate than testosterone. If he’s taking supraphysiologic doses of test, and EQ does still metabolize, and he has symptoms he may need to manage. @iron_yuppie you may know more about this than me but I don’t know that it in fact acts as an AI, but you may be right. I still need to manage it at a lower rate, like @wsmwannabe but I don’t love ai’s tbh.

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Short answer: it coverts to e1 (esterone) at a massive rate, which crowds out the substrate through which e2 conversion would otherwise take place. So yes, it’s an AI but not in the traditional sense in that it directly lowers e2 but rather makes high e2 conversion nearly impossible. It’s a weird drug.

I have a guy I’m helping who just got blood work done. Test/EQ 300/300 and his e2 is <5. That was from three days ago. The evidence is out there, but it’s taken years for people to fully understand it.


Nothing better then the paperwork to show it. I have read alot of mixed answers online about if I would need any at all, my numbers are a little on the high side so I figure I’d mention having it anyways but never needed it for eq myself. I guess that’s why.

Would you lower the test in my cycle too, knowing I’m running that much eq?
And I have dbol laying around, would you be apposed to using that in the first month even though I’m going to frontload the eq?
I know frontloading and Kickstarting are basically the same, but will I potentially yield better results or is it a one or the other type thing?

Literally the opposite of what I would do.

Extremely opposed, yes. Just use test prop if you want an extra four weeks of water and glycogen. That’s all you’d get from the dbol, so why not choose the option that isn’t hepatotoxic? None of what you put on will be muscle, so save yourself a little liver stress if the goal is temporary mirror gains.


Alright :+1: that all makes perfect sense to me thanks for answering those questions.

From what I understand it can really make u feel terrible if it reduces e2 too much, or whatever the hell that drug seem to do.

Also, frontloading “doesnt work”, or makes no sense, atleast according to broderick chavez, dno if its true, but he seem to be extremely knowledgeable.

I’m not sure about him being correct on it not working. Pretty sure there is science behind the numbers, but I definitely know depression and paranoia are tied to symptoms of people often.

I posted a link to a get breakdown of how and why frontloading works but I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to do that so It got edited out. My second response up top though explains where to find it on reddit.