Frontloading Carbs Para-Workout

So according do CT, and some other people, the method of consuming carbs post workout is obsolete, and the following method is much better:

[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:
That sums up my point EXACTLY. Post-workout carbs do not increase anabolism, possibly due to a decreased insulin response (because of elevated catecholamines).

Carbs and protein pre-workout
Aminos or casein hydrolysate during workout
Regular meal 60 minutes after session[/quote]
I’ve only tried this method for two workouts now so I don’t have any results to report yet.

What I’ve been doing is having a huge protein shake about 30-40 minutes before my workout starts (120-130 g carbs, 80-90 g protein), 2 scoops of whey during (has aminos in it, closest I can get within my budget), and a P+F meal 45-60 minutes after. Only things I can say so far are that I’ve come pretty close to puking both times because of the huge pre-workout shake, but the pumps have been great.
So who’s trying this out, and so far how have your results been?

I had been doing(last 10days) 100 carbs/70g Whey within an hour of working out, then sipping on 60g/20g CH/10g BCAAs during WO that has worked pretty well.

Today I switched to a closer to the protocol regime:
-60 50g Whey + 2 Banana
-30 1 scoops WMS + NO Shotgun + 30g carbs from Energy Drink
-15 2 scoops WMS + 10g BCAAs
During- 30g carbs from Gatorade + WheyHydros/CH
+60 20g CH

This gave me a pretty big crash during my workout so I might adjust things some, but Ill give it a couple another week or so before I touch anything

today i started

50grams of 40 minutes before
40 grams of carbs and 5 grams creatine 30 minutes before work( six star muscle creatine tub)it was on sale
and during the workout 2 scoops of Surge Recovery.