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Frontloading as a Solution

Hai guise!

In March i plan a two week hoiday to new york staying with a friend of mine.

I’ve been enjoying my current light cycle, which is 2 week on 2 week off.

I’d like to do another one of these in March, and this will probably over lap with my trip out there.

I do intend to be training while in New York, so could be “on” in those two weeks.

I can’t take any gear across with me, so i was wondering if it would be possible to frontload with say, 1500g Test Enanthate on the night before going and then not have to inject again for two weeks until i return.

Could i count that as a two week on? Could that work?

Sorry if this sounds whacky.


Hmmm Wyldflower, seeing as you persist in being here, I may as well say some thing…

Doctors generally give their patients 1 or 2 shots per month for hormone replacement. All of us here know depending on the drugs ester a more frequent administration would provide more stable hormone levels in our blood, but look at it like that I guess.

If you take that 1500mg of test enenthate, it will be half as much approximately every 6 days. So at the end of 12 days, you will have

wait for it

about 325mgs of test enenthate in your blood stream.

Take into account aromatization, fluctuation in blood hormone, and you may be happy and may not.

You might want to bring with you AI’s at a minimum, and perhaps some nolva too.

oh yeah, i intend to bring AI and a SERM just in case - although both i’ll take on a as needed basis.

maybe 1500 is too much…

[quote]WyldFlower wrote:
oh yeah, i intend to bring AI and a SERM just in case - although both i’ll take on a as needed basis.

maybe 1500 is too much…


Even if you only inject 1000mg of test E before you leave, you’ll just have even less test at the end of the two weeks. It doesn’t change the fact that there’s a large fluctuation in hormone levels.

You know this is a bad idea.

EDIT: If you’re going to bring a SERM/AI, you might as well just time it so that the two weeks in NY is off, and just bring your SERM with you.

Actually, this was the solution JellyRoll used when he went to the 2008 Olympics for 2 weeks (I think it was) in China. If it is possible for you to obtain it, you could frontload the test decanoate ester. This would give you a nice, long, steady stream of test in your system for most of the time you are there. Sure, your levels would be slowly dropping, but as long as you remain at superphysiological levels until you return, I personally think this would be a pretty good idea. It’s one I’ve actually entertained, myself, as you can probably, given my location, imagine.

Then again, this idea is a bit different than the 2 week cycle thing. And yes, you’d want to think about an AI, though there are ways of getting your AIs that I could think of.

Yeah, probaly be is a bad idea - not overly concerned about hormonal fluctuations as i am about being “off” in the “off weeks”.

Just thinking out loud here…

Say test decanoate is taken at 1250. By the end of the first week, i should have, 625mg in my body, and 312mg by the end of the second - this means that i’ll still be ON in my off weeks.

Or if i did enanthate instead, i could start at 1000, and be at 500 by the end of the first five days, 250 by the end of the second five days and around 100 by the end of the two weeks. Is that low enough to be considered “off”?

If this doesn’t make sense, perhaps i should consider a longer cycle instead of the 2on/off, after frontloading 1500 decanoate and then picking it back up on my return…

Eeek, i don’t think i’m comfortable injecting that amount of testosterone in me all at once. Maybe this is a bad idea…

Well, I would definitely take Cortes’ advice over mine. I still don’t see why you don’t just start your cycle two weeks earlier or two weeks later than what you have planned so you’re ‘off’ and on a serm while you’re in NY, and use prop/suspension and really make the most out of being ‘on’ while you’re home.

i’d like to be “on” in new york as the friend i am staying with is a girl who is very attractive and has lots of female friends and i was thinking… with my new found POWER! :open_mouth: