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Frontloading Advice? Test E

Hello all, im just wondering what peoples views on frontloading would be the plan is to do a 10 week cycle of test e 500mg per week would you recommend boosting it too 1000mg for the first week on a first time cycle? Or just stick with the initial 500mg? And if you suggest frontloading would it matter how you take it? For example 250mg 1 day 750mg another day? Would that be ok?

There is people who swear frontloading is bullshit and doesn’t work they will tell you your dumb and dont know anything. Then go on to explain how scientifically they are right

Im not one of those people i believe it works because i am a simple man and frontloading is a simple concept

Now as of how to do it. Some people front load double for 1 week + their normal dose. So in your case that would look like 1000 day 1 and 500 on next scheduled pin day equalling 1.5 for the week.

I have also seen a 2 week front load protocol i cant remember exactly how it’s written but i think its the same concept maybe just a little more spread out.

I use the first one.

Careful frontloading on your first cycle thats a lot of test at one time its better to see howntour body handles test before pumping it full of it(i dont know if this is your first just making general statement)

Thanks for the advice, yes my first cycle, keep seeing mixed views everywhere, Because its a slower acting one i keep reading people saying that they frontload, do you think perhaps instead i should just increase the cycle length to make 12 weeks? Apparently on 500mg weekly it wont really start kicking in untill week 7 which is nearly the end of my cycle :confused:

I personally like 12 or 16 week cycles best

I front loaded and e2 slammed me, was pretty uncomfortable until I started with my AI. It does work though, I was seeing progress in 3-4 weeks instead of 6. I like the idea of front loading with test p while the test e is working its magic.

Thanks guys, decided on doing 750mg week 1 then continueing with 500mg for the next 11 weeks I know 750mg might seem pointless but I figure it’s gotta atleast help out a little bit in regards to a kickstart.

Do you think i would be able to swap around the front load, I’ve already had my first jab at 250mg due another one today, do you think i could do it on week 2 instead of week 1?

That is how I would front load. Basically an additional 125 mg per pin in the first week.

If you were to try to “front load” in week two it would probably be best to do only the first shot of the week (shot #3?) with an additional 125 mg.