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What’s yalls opinion of frontloading a test-e cycle with a 3 week cycle of superdrol for example:

1-10 test-2
2-4 Superdrol

I didn’t start sd the first week cause for me the gains plateau after third week.


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Technically what you are doing with this is a kickstart, not a frontload. Frontloading involves increasing (usually doubling) the amount of an injectable in the first week (and second week for really long esters) in an attept to speed up the rise of hormone levels in the blood.

For example lets say you were planning on running enanthate (any enanthate estered steroid) at 500mg /wk. You would actually inject 1000mg during wk 1 and possibly inject 750 mg during wk 2, then step back to your ‘regular’ 500mg / wk during week 3 and onwards.

What you are doing is supplementing with an oral while you wait for the levels of injectable to rise. This is fine, it’s just not ‘frontloading’. Thought I would clear that up :slight_smile:



No I wasn’t clear on the difference between frontload and kickstart. Thanks for the advice man.