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Frontload Test E on First Cycle?

I was looking to do my first AAS cycle within the next month, which I would use as a recomp cycle.

My only previous cycle of anabolics was a 4 week Superdrol cycle at 10/10/20/20 with TUDCA liver protection and Nolvadex in PCT for 4 weeks at 20mg ED.

A pretty potent substance to start with, I appreciate, but having tested the anabolic waters successfully, I feel more ready to begin a cycle with test.

Having never pinned before, I was looking to use Test E since I wont have to inject as frequently as I would have to with Test P; I dont have a particular fear of needles, but Ive been warned that the latter might be a bit too painful for a first-timer.

My problem is, however, that using the time on=time off formula, the earliest I would be able to begin my cycle would be the start of February, yet I have to leave uni for home at the beginning of April, giving me 8, perhaps 9 weeks at most to cycle before going back.

I have no problem taking pills like Nolva/Clomid back home with me for PCT, but - and I know Im probably going to get flamed for this - whilst I understand and accept the risks Im taking, with the stigma attached to steroid use, I don’t think my family would be as understanding if I brought back some vials and syringes.

Ive heard that using a long ester like Test E for such a short cycle might not yield great results. Im not looking for anything special, but at the same time, Id still like to put on a few pounds of muscle and drop my BF% a few points.

I was looking into frontloading as a means of accelerating the effect of a Test E cycle and making an 8 week cycle more effective, but wanted to know if such a method was appropriate for a first time user.

I havent really gone into the finer details of my cycle planning, since Im not yet sure whether 8 week Test E with frontloading is right for me, but Id be aiming for 600mg of test per week, which, following the double-dosing formula, would equate to an initial injection of 1200mg.

Would this be too much for a first-time user to take on? Should I go for a slightly reduced frontload?
Or should I consider a completely different approach (i.e. different compound, no frontloading etc)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
DTBomb :slight_smile:

Also, my stats are:
21 (will be 22 at end of cycle)
5 11
Just over 200lbs
Circa 11-12% BF
3 years training

you’re a bit young to be using, but yeah your frontload will be fine

For 8 weeks I would frontload.

Okay, thankyou for the feedback :slight_smile:

I appreciate I might seem a bit young, but I’m confident I at least have enough experience to know what I’m doing.

Thanks, BUDS. Will do :slight_smile: