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frontload question

In the opinion of the vets is frontloading a “must” to acheive optimum gains? If so how do you know what is the proper dosage? Is it based on an individual basis or is there a proper protocal to follow? The reason I am asking is because of my upcoming cycle I have planned I will be using a gram of test a week and just didn’t know the best way to frontload this or if it is even required? Any info, as always, is appreciated. If there is an article or previous post on this, please just point me in that direction and I don’t mind conducting my own research. Thanks guys

a basic rule of thumb is to simply double your weekly dosage.

Frontload = double the weekly injection

Yes, because you want to get your blood levels up to the highest levels as quick as possible, fronloading does this. It is best to split these shots up thoughout the first week. So if you are doing a gram you would shoot 2 grams total the first week. 1 gram for a frontload and then your 1 gram normal dosage. Do you understand? Then follow your normal protocol of a gram a week after that.

I’ll add to this: the rationale behind frontloading is of course to get blood levels of the drugs being used up to “therapeutic” levels sooner. This allows you to make your gains quicker. Since your making your gains quicker you do not need to stay on the cycle for long which is benificial to you because the longer you cycle the deeper your suppression will be, there by causing a longer recovery protocol and greater potential loss of gains then had you cycled for a shorter period.
So the bottom line is, frontloading is a procedure that we use to help shorten the length of our cycles which positively affects recovery, while still achieving the same gains on cycle as if you had had a longer cycle + no front…P-22

No Hijack but a related question.

If using waterbased stuff (Winstrol) how do you frontload? Only the first day or for the whole first week? Or maybe not at all??

You wouldn’t have to frontload anything in a water-base. These chemicals hit you system IMMEDIATELY, hence the ED injections you would need to do.

Actually Winstrol crystals slowly disolve in the body over a few days. Using Oral Winny or drinking an extra amp to raise blood levels quicker may be a better option to the traditional multiple injections as winny can be a painful injection. This is just my opinon as I have never tried this myself P-22

I’m going to start a Prop cycle with Tren in a few short weeks. Since Prop has such a short half-life
and is faster acting than T ethanate would it need to be frontloaded? Also I’m thinking about using
700 mg a week. Any info is appreciate.

(once again)
Here is a breakdown of the mg of propinate in your body after each week for doing the cycle with or without a front load: (I used propinate ester as 4.5 day half life)

Without front 700mg prop/ day
1st: 240mg
2nd: 320mg
3rd: 346mg
4th: 356
5th: 359
6th 360:
7th(end of cycle):122,
10th: 5,
11th: 1,
12: 0.5.

with 1400mg frontload

As you can see, by the 3rd week dosages are too close between to really tell the difference. You may want the front because of the cycle being so short.
Also if you want to avoid bloat, an antiaromatase is a much better way to go. I recomend femara (letrozole) if you can get it.

The calculations were done injecting 100mg of prop per day for the entire cycle

and the frontload was done injecting 200mg of prop per day for the first week.

The results show the difference in blood levels between frontloading or not of the propinate ester

Thanks for the reply Prisoner.