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Frontload Nolva And A-Dex?

Do you need to frontload PCT drugs such as Nolva and A-Dex? If so, what is the generally accepted protocol (i.e., twice normal daily dose first week, etc.)?



i’d say yes for nolva or clomid, but arimidex is usually used throughout the cycle too so there is no need to double the dose (not needed anyway as arimidex and letrozole are both fast acting and strong).

I’ve seen standard PCT protocal for clomid inticated at 300mg first day, 100mg/day for 10 days(?), then 50mg/day for the rest I believe.

Nolva is suppose to be pretty similar chemically so I guess you’d frontload that as well, although I haven’t seen the protocal spelled out like with clomid.

I agree with morbo on not frontloading Arimidex.

frontloading an aromatase inhibitor such as arimidex could actually be very unhealthy for you.