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Frontload Necessary?

If one were to go with Test Prop at 600-7 week for 8 weeks would there be any benefit to front load? I am curious to get some opinions.


prop shouldnt need to be “frontloaded”

its relatively fast acting anyway ,if you really wanted to you could take a bit more for the first few shots but it wouldnt make a huge differnce
i would save front loading for test e or cyp,it makes a big differnce then

Brook likes to frontload prop. I believe the amount would be about 300mg on Day 1 if you intend to do 100mgED = 700mg/w. If you are planning 200mg EOD; then the frontload should be 400mg on day 1.

Frontload depends om weekly dose, dosing interval and ester half life. Prop half life is 2 days.

calculation: FL = ((weekly dose x half life) / days in week) + interval dose

((700 x 2) / 7) + either 100 or 200 depending on ED or EOD intervals ==> 300mg or 400mg on Day 1 respectively.

Brook would be able to fill you in on the benefits of doing so.

I do frontload Prop esters - it IS effective and in the first week gives gains in strength and size (mostly from water of course) along with ‘feeling’ on cycle, when frontloaded fully. It is a short ester, but it STILL takes 2.5-3 weeks to achieve peak (stable) levels even when injected daily. This is immediate when frontloaded.

Daily injects are always recommended by me when possible.


Read the folowing article


Thanks guys…I’m going with 7700/week daily injects. I’m going to try the 300mg load on day 1.

Just don’t shoot 300mg of prop in one spot, you will be sore (ry) for it.

Great link - however i am a little confused with LTurn…

Is this supposed to be 7x100mg/wk - daily injects? If so then a frontload of 340mg on the first day will be needed to get the full peak for the duration. 2x100mg injects and 1x140mg inject will be needed. over 200mg of prop hurts most and if they are a newb of any description, then 100mg may too…! Thus the need to split dosages up.
If you find 100mg does hurt, continue the cycle with 2x50mg/day injections instead. If you needed to add 10ml of filtered oil to the 10ml vial to make the preperation 50mg/ml instead of 100mg/ml.

I have never had an issue with pain from prop however and IME it is down to poor manufacturing knowledge and too much BA.


Ya, that was a typo. I’m planning 700/week at 100mg a day. I’ve used prop before and never had an issue. I heated the vial for good measure and the injections were painless. Thanks Brook I’m going to go with the 340 first day protocol as you mentioned.

Thanks again everyone.