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Frontload Formula

Any thoughts on this?

The following table includes frontloading dosage to reach 75% of the intended dosage by the end of the first week. The dosages are indexed at 100 mgs / week. To reach your intended dosage, simply multiply the frontload dosage by your weekly dosage divided by 100. For example, if you wanted to run Testosterone Cypionate at 800 mgs / wk, then multiply the frontload dosage of 225 mgs by 8 (800 / 100) for 1800 mgs in week 1.

Formate 100
Acetate 100
Propionate 115
Butyrate 130
Valerate 160
Hexanoate 180
Caproate 180
Isocaproate 180
Heptanoate 200
Enanthate 200
Octanoate 225
Cypionate 225
Nonanoate 250
Decanoate 270
Undecanoate 295

Im curious as to how you came up with those figures? It looks interesting, but the usual double your first week method is a lil more retard proof.

I agree, I found this on another site and wondered where they came up with it?

Simply put, just DOUBLE your intake in the first week for your preferred hormones. For example, if your cycle consists of 750mg of Test (enanthate or cypionate) per week, then just take 1500mg in the first week only. Don’t make things complicated… just double it up.