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Frontload/First Injection Question


When injecting 750mg/3ml of Test-e for the first injection, would it be best to inject into multiple locations?

Say, 1.5ml in each glute?


It will probably be more comfortable to split. You can put 3ml in dorsal glute and up to 5ml in ventroglute but if it is your first time I'd suggest splitting it up. Virgin muscles are going to hurt no matter how much oil you put in so chances are 1.5ml is going to hurt too, but hopefully not as much as 3


I second Bonez's approach.


The ventrogluteal site is a bit intimidating to me. I have Googled it and read many articles, but would rather have somebody showing me in person the first time.

I don't plan on running anything for a few years, I'm just trying to learn as much as I can.


Yea everyone seems to be leary of the ventro glute. It's actually so easy I can't believe I didn't try it sooner than I did. When I did try it for the first time I wasn't completely sure I knew what I was doing but I just followed the diagrams and it worked out fine.


VG is easy...just stand there and put your fingers slightly above your hip bones and toward the front. Now move side to side and you will feel the muscle pushing out...that is where you inject.


It is said by needle exchange staff (trained believe it or not) that 2ml into a muscle is the max you'd want before a sterile abscess...

split it until you are 260 5'6" and 5%!! lol


Medical professionals however do not have the patience or degree of caring (or if they do then they lack the knowledge) to spend any extra seconds on injection beyond the utter minimum possible, instead feeling they must drive the oil through just as fast as their thumbs can push it.

The way a doctor or nurse does it, it's surprising that even 2 mL is tolerable.

Properly done 3 mL is safe.

However, dividing into 3 1 mL injections with an 1/2" insulin needle is how I would do it.


In which site Bill?


Quads are very convenient but there are many choices possible with this method.


I personally in the past have had no issues at all putting 3mls into delts, quads or glutes. However many other are very different.

Another question to the OP would be is why would you ever want to put 750mg of test in you at one time? Im assuming you plan to front load, my advice is to not bother.


Why wouldnt you front load?


just seems lately the whole forum is on a frontload kick when just 6 months ago everyone was saying it wasnt worth wasting the gear and didn't produce anything significant. I myself never have so i cant really sling too much shit, just saying what i see


Let's see, had a single person knocking it, tried it?

Or were they doing the same as you just did?


Thats why I am taking my information from who I have, and would still front load.


Just to elaborate on Juice's comments about the VG. If you place the leg you're going to pin with the ball of the foot only on the floor then pivot your foot about you can feel the muscle contracting. There's a thread (and also a diagram in my thread too) about the VG.

I find it way way easier than the Dorsoglute, far less painful than the quad. I've not tried delts yet but have some 1" pins on the way; I don't think I have big enough shoulders for 1.5" :wink:


That method works great, I can feel the muscle moving as you described.

Why can't you just stick a 1.5" needle in less? Wouldn't that be the same as a shorter needle?


my guess is that it would be harder to control the needle, especially during aspiration.


Last test cycle took nearly 5 weeks before gains started to show themselves, and this was sustanon so I had prop in there as well.

This time I frontloaded with just Test e and at week 3 have gained 20 lbs.

I don't see how people can keep knocking this practice. The evidence seems pretty overwhelming.


Chill i said i was just stating what i've seen. and stated blatently i hadn't tried it.