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Frontload EQ or Kickstart with Oral?

Hello all,

Looking for experience or advice on whether to frontload EQ or kickstart with an oral, such as dbol or anadrol.

This is my first ever stack, going for a bulk. I’ve done two previous blasts with test cyp 500 mg/week for 12 weeks.

Plan is to run:
Test Cyp 500 mg/week for 12 weeks
EQ 500 mg/week for 12 weeks

I get trt bloods done every 6 months so I probably shouldn’t run the EQ longer than 12 weeks.

So to get the most out of this blast, do you guys recommend frontloading the EQ or kickstarting with an oral?

I have aromasin, arimidex, clomid, and nolva on hand. I don’t enjoy any of them, but like Obi Wan, I will do what I must.

I have never frontloaded any of my cycles. Always went with orals or patience. The risk/reward situation of pumping shitloads of gear never appealed to me. If you were going to frontload it, how would it look?

Still have more research to do, but I’m leaning towards 1000-1500 mg/week the first two weeks for the EQ, no frontload for the test. And I’m with you on the lack of appeal, it doesn’t sound great to me either, but I know there are some strong advocates for it. Which oral would you suggest?

When bulking i would say use some dbol.

And when it comes to EQ i wouldnt run it under 16 Weeks ish

Thats a shitload!
Id steer clear but would love to hear from an advocate.

Im super prone to gyno so im really the wrong guy to ask about bulking orals. Ive never gotten past day 20 on dbol or adrol. I stick to anavar or winny. Recently became aware of superdrol and will probably try it my upcoming blast. Im sure there are plenty of experienced users that can chime in

Bad move to frontload EQ when you don’t already know how you will react to it.
Frontloading with a slow acting drug like EQ, can hit you like a brick wall when it starts to kick in. It can leave you with high blood pressure, and anxiety seemingly out of nowhere.

Do an oral kickstart instead, dbol rather than anadrol

True. Also there’s difficulties with E2 on it.

I think it’s a solid option with a drug like EQ to frontload just from a theoretical perspective as I’ve never used it, but I wouldn’t do it for the first time.

By E2 difficulties are you talking about it lowering E2 too much? I’ve read about guys having that experience.

Frontloading aside, I would think that would make it a good choice to run with dbol as it may could counter dbol’s high aromatization, but I don’t see people talking about stacking the two together much.

Yes. There’s good threads on here about this. I think even from the last few weeks, just search for it.

It may be difficult to dose both correctly. It’s easier to have one variable to control (for example E2 on x dose of EQ) than having more (E from Dbol, E2 from test, EQ impact on E2)

I’d like to run the EQ longer, but worried about my labs on my 6 month trt checkup. I plan to start the blast the same day, following my appointment. If I ran it for 12 weeks, that would give me a solid 12 weeks for it to clear.

I know I could always hit em with the ol razzle dazzle. Get my bloods checked privately and cancel the appt if they don’t look good.