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Frontload Deca this Blast?

I’ve been cruising on 200mg of test E the last 4 months and ready for another blast.
Was wondering if i should frontload my deca, and how often do you guys shoot your deca? I’m going to be taking 400mg a wk, should i inject 200mg twice a week with my test e or 400 once a week.

Here is my blast
Week 1-6 40mg Dbol ed
Week 1-15 750mg test E ew
Week 1-14 400mg ew
Arimidex .25mg eod
HCG 500 IU ew

Also taking NAC and R-ala year round.



Well, I suppose that maintaining your ability to produce testosterone naturally is not a priority at all: if so the Deca use doesn’t matter in that regard.

As you are doing 15 weeks, then getting a fast start doesn’t particularly matter either. But if it does, then yes, frontloading will be faster.

With the half-life of Deca being as long as it is, once or twice a week doesn’t make a great deal of difference.

If you haven’t used Deca before I’d rethink this cycle. If you have and are happy with your results and plan on permanent HRT or “cruising” and being dependent on HRT should you ever decide to discontinue cruising, then the plan may be fine.

Thanks for the reply, yes this will be my first time using Deca. I have already accepted the fact i will be on permanent HRT/Cruising.

I’d reconsider the Deca because it does nothing anabolically that other anabolic steroids will not do, but has its own adverse side effects including depressive effects and sometimes (not that rarely either) impotence or reduced sexual performance.

If wanting to keep things similar but better, I’d substitute with Masteron.

^Bill, i’m curious about your views on deca.

i’ve seen where it has a stronger and longer attachment to the AR, as well as the joint-protective effect of the progestin. you don’t consider this worthwhile, or is it due to having to mitigate the prolactin effects?

For some with joint issues Deca can be helpful. The needed dose for this is generally low, however, no need for 200 mg/week or anything like that. And low dose such as 50 to about 80 mg/week is far less likely to give Deca’s adverse side effects.

Very,. very many want to add Deca to cycles without having a joint issue though. Having no particular reason for it, just hearing that it’s good or the thing to do, is far more common than it being for a joint issue.

In practice Deca doesn’t do anything anabolically that other steroids won’t do. It absolutely is not necessary for a stronger cycle, nor a particular way at all to get a stronger cycle.

ah, thanks for the clarification.

i am apparently at the point where my “old man joints” seem to make me view Deca entirely different than i used to…

I actually thought my original reply mentioned “unless it’s for a joint issue” but it looks like that that got taken out in an edit.