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Frontal Pecs


Great news! While workin out yesterday, I overheard a trainer telling a husband/wife that the difference between the seated chest machine and the incline press machine is the incline works your frontal pecs better.

So if anyone is lagging in the frontal pec area, this may be the exercise for you!
Also, while not sure, I would venture to say it may also hit the rear triceps pretty well!


Next time you see this trainer, ask him what machine to use for the rear pecs.


stop listening to my conversations with clients :smiley:


Damn, I was hoping for a tip on hitting those hard to train rear pecs.


I think you mean "superior lateral inferior medial distal ventral" pecs.


my point exactly, however the trainer was a "she"


I think I tore my brain muscle while reading this.


What is the best exercise to hit the trapezoids? Also, my buddy said that lat pull downs were great for the quadralaterals, or "lats." Is this true?
I also heard that smith machine bench press helps isolates the vasuts pectoralis (the inner part of the pec) more than BB bench press, which isolates the rectus pectoralis.

haha what a bunch of deltards.


And the lateral pecs too


I guess she's talking about breasticles then.


You know what proves this trainer knows even less, the fact that she didn't know that push-ups are the best frontal pec exercise.


first thing I thought when seeing this topic was "Front Pecs? As opposed to what, rear pecs?"


exactly what I have been thinking since I saw it. That's why I didn't click on it thinking it was a dumbass that made the topic. Instead it's about a dumbass.