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Front vs. Back Squat


Hey guys,

Just a couple of questions regarding my two best friends, the front squat & back squat!!

  1. How much weight do you use for a front vs back squat? ( I know for me its generally 20kgs less in the front)

  2. How much weight are you putting up in these lifts @ what body weight?


345 front squat oly style atg
405 back squat oly style atg
190 bw


I dont squat, it is bad for your back and knees. I prefer to do bicep curls, I can do the 35's now!




I prefer front squats, they are much better for my back, especially after I dislocated a disc last year.my back has been feeling much better since then


Haven't maxed out in a while, but on monday I did 4 sets of 5 for Front squats at 195 (195 bw). Doing sets of 8 for back squats today, will let u know.


As soon as I reach a decent weight, I'll let you know. At the moment, it's pitiful.

I should add that I haven't back squatted in many months. I had reached a BW squat for 5 when I decided to try out front squats...and had to drop the weight by over 50% :-s I was so shocked I have only front squatted since.


You do these with a smith machine right?

Seriously, I can do 225 for reps with a body weight of 205.


Do you think that the front squat will help increasing either your powerlifting squat or deadlift?

I always thought that it was more of an Olympic assistence and bodybuilding exercise.


1) I believe that your front squat is supposed to be about 80% of your back squat.

I remember that Dan John has a diagram on his site that indicates what your front and back squat, clean, power clean, snatch, and overhead squat should be like in order to have a balanced physique. It's called the X-diagram, I think. I'm sorry I can't be more detailed, but if you poke around his site, I'm sure you'll find it.

2) I haven't done front squats by themselves in a while. I do cleans instead. I haven't tested maxes recently either.

I just cleaned 220lbs yesterday (yay, almost two wheels), which would imply at least a 220lb front squat for a triple, although I've done 235lbs for front squat triple before. For my back squat, I most recently did three reps at 265lbs as part of a workout.

235/265 ~ 88%, but my posterior chain and core strength aren't great (still working on it).

BW 170-175 (closer to 175, actually).


Front SQ's are great for increasing your conventional deadlift. Same thing with Zercher (sp?) SQ's. I don't do them as much as I should, but front SQ's rock!


185 x 5 oly style atg front squat
245 x 5 oly style atg back squat
body weight 155


I don't think front squats do anything for your powerlifting squat, but they do help with the deadlift. They also work the Vastus medialius, which isn't worked with a powerlifting squat.


Do they do anything for sumo pulls?


I trust you are doing these in the squat rack where they belong!


back oly style - 385
front 315 - I set the PR on Monday

body weight 200.5 - this morning



This is fascinating. Please elaborate as to how one manages to completely exclude the vastus from a PL squat, and additionally, why a front squat would be of no value for a lifter in building their squat.

I eagerly await your reply.


Nice numbers, mate. I should reach 185x5 FS in 5-6 weeks. Of course, I'm heavier than you, so more power to ya. :slight_smile:


90kg/200lbs x 5 atg front squat
115kg/260lbs x 5 atg back squat

All raw and at 88kg bw.


As of last week:
Front 225lb x 5 (past parallel but hammies do not touch calves yet)
Back 245lb x 5 (same here)

BW 74kg

ps: my left knee hurts like fuck though... still trying to figure out what i am doing wrong.