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Front Squatting for 2-3 Weeks


i tore my back open about a month ago and everytime I squat it tears open its killing my squat and bench with the pain. I’m thinking about switching to front squat for a few weeks while my back heals what’s your opinion on that? My front squat needs work anyway best is 335x1 compare to a 550x1 back squat. Wondering if itll help me or hurt me front squatting lighter weight. I know long term my back healed is better than it all torn to hell


Sounds like its pretty much your only option. Not to mention I very much doubt it’ll hurt your squat.

I’ve done SSB only for six weeks and found it drove my squat up a bunch - granted that’s SSB and not front squats, but it’s still a non-competition squat that tends to be weaker than the comp squat.


Yea I tend to lose power when I don’t train fairly close to max I’d say 80%+. But guess itll technicaly be heavy foe front squats.