(Front) Squatting 3x A Week

Hi coach,

I’m trying like hell to get my front squat up but it’s hit a big ole stall, so I think it’s time to increase the frequency. I’m thinking 3x a week.

If you have written a program or guidelines about training this way in the past and can provide a link then I’d really appreciate it, if not then thanks anyway.

How often are you front squatting now? If its one, ot might be better starting at 2 rather than 3 times

Unless Olympic lifter twice a week 80% 5 sets 2 fast, 90% 5 sets 1 i go low reps on front squats weight on chest making breathing difficult, i am going to start back doing them tommorow after three years of little squat period . Elite weightlifers do them 5 6 times week but their knee and shoulders done at 30 . As you age gear or no gear your joints come in to play , i only train legs heavy every two weeks and make gains .

Have you tried partials do a hundred pound overload i over max then rack go a foot down dont bounce off pins pause stimulants golgi reflex.

When you stall, how does the technique look? Is it a strength issue or a technique issue?

Fair point, I was actually thinking that the third day would just be light goblet squatting. Kind of a grease-the-groove, active recovery type day.

Any tips on how to cycle the intensity? I was thinking heavy (relatively) doubles, triples or 5s on the first day, a more bodybuilder type of rep range on the second day and then the lighter goblet squatting done for very high reps.

I think I’d be better doing partials from the bottom up. That’s where I suck hardest.

I actually think my technique is ok. I think the issue is core/upper back strength. I neglected heavier lower body work for years because I had problems with my back. They seem to be more or less fixed but it’s left my core, lower back and upper back rubbish at handling heavy loads.

I know it’ll improve with practice but it’s just frustrating for now.

Do paused front squats - why make life somewhat miserable when you can make it completely miserable

you sick, sick man. But yeah, that’s probably a good shout

Some of that might still fall under technique issues, as we’d need to see WHY you fail in the lift. You might not keep your elbows up high enough, you might not have correct (erhh… I should say optimal) bracing and thus lose tightness, you might not have proper external rotation of the femur or have a poor base-grip on the floor with your foot - which definitely can translate into issues up that chain all the way to the upper back. You might have issues with shoulder rotation and your grip-width causing to to not being able to engage your lats properly (they also have a function of supporting the thoracic spine under load). Those are just some of the issues that might occur.

But otherwise, try zercher squats for a stronger upper back. SGDL also works pretty well.

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oh yeah absolutely, I know all that, but I’m like 90% sure it’s just because of weakness, rather than technique. I’ve front squatted my ass off for years and while I know that doesn’t prove anything I like to think I’m pretty proficient. I’ve had a couple of high level coaches (I was a PT for a few years and was lucky enough to train with some very elite folks) check out my form and they said it was good.

I used to put bar at navel level drop under and front squat it , also pause squats at bottom are brutal but effective. Have you tried zercher lift?

I see, good to just get it out of the way and be sure. (although working on technique is never-ending).
All the things mentioned in the thread are good if incorporated in a proper context. Added frequency, zercher squat, paused front squats, zercher holds and carries, heavy front squat walk-outs (this helped me), SGDL (also helped me build back), pulling from blocks with focus on upper back, pull apart upright rows and power cleans (also worked well for me).

yeah, I mean don’t get me wrong, obviously my technique isn’t perfect, but there’s no glaring issues putting the breaks on.

The heavy front squat holds are something I’ve played about with a bit in the past. I should probably give them more love.