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Front Squats


Had a couple of questions on front squats:
1. How do I execute them correctly? Do I cross my arms?
2. What is the advantage of these compared to barbell back ass to grass squats?



1) A link to how to perform them correctly (please don't mod this, it's just an exercise description and I'm not affiliated with them in any way)


The best way (as you'll see) is racked in the clean position.

2) A bit more quad recruitment than hamstrings/back.



I do both back squats and front squats, for the front squat I use a front squat harness from getstrong.com, but before that I used the "clean" grip hold the bar like you just finished a powerclean to unrack it, it feels weird at first but after awhile its good.

 good luck and enjoy the sorness


Thanks for that, Dan; it's a great site. I had been looking for some down-to-earth explanations of O lifts, and this is just what I wanted :slight_smile:

It also has one of the best quotes I've read on warming up (DLs in this case):

One can not warm up properly by just lifting a barbell as high as one's crotch. The optimum body warm up will always take place with the most amount of barbell movement! Which is from the floor to arms length overhead.