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Front Squats


I have never really got into front squats, I think mostly because it feels awkward to me, but I am planning on incorporating it into my leg work in the near future. I would like to survey you fellow old farts and see which grip everyone prefers: 1- the original clean grip 2- use straps 3- cross handed or 4- something new that I have not heard of before.


Clean Grip but I have pretty mobile wrists for some reason, wish that would be the case elsewhere


I do not have the wrist flexibility for the clean grip and using wrist straps feels awkward to me so I use the x style. If you have access to a SSB I found using this bar backwards was the most comfortable


Interesting topic for me. I use what I call a modified clean grip. The barbell’s weight is on my fingers, which I position on top of my shoulders so the bar is not digging into any bone. The bar is positioned against the front of my neck.

It is quite comfortable for me.


I have used them all, but honestly for best form, for your back etc clean grip is the best. You get a better shelf and it keeps your back upright.


I added them in about 6 months ago. I use the original clean grip.

It took me several weeks with just 135lbs on the bar for my wrists to adapt. After the first time I tried – I just thought there was no way it was ever going to work – but I stuck with them – and feel pretty comfortable with them now. When I added weight, usually my wrists hurt first. I’ve kept the weights pretty light – but I’m starting to creep up now. I concentrate on keeping my elbows “up.” I also roll the bar far enough down the end of my fingers that usually the pinky finger comes off the bar – but the other 3 fingers and thumb stay under the bar.

I’ve been bar-bell back squatting for about 3 years.
My squat workout is:

back squat:
135(lbs) x 8
225 x 8
335 x 8
225 x 10

Front squat:
135 x 8
155 x 8
175 x 8

Leg curl machine:
180 x 8 x 3

20 x 20 yards

I’ve been back squatting long enough – that I don’t have a good sense for how badly my front squat is lagging. The back squatting also leaves me fatigued, so the front squat suffers. I can’t seem to bring myself to try the front squats first… Maybe I should.


[quote]fatInIC wrote:
It took me several weeks with just 135lbs on the bar for my wrists to adapt.

This adaptation period is a good point for anyone considering front squats with a clean grip to think about. It took me a while to get used to them as well.


I use the clean grip- but recently have been trying other methods
the clean grip has been bothering my elbow quite a bit.

but like Derek mentioned the clean grip gives the most stability.


X grip on smith machine has my vote


I have to use the x grip which puts the bar dead on my front delts and against my adams apple. Never been ever to get comfortable enough with them to get serious


x grip works best for me too. Adams apple also a problem. A New Zealand co.'s front squat assist vest that makes wearer look like something out of a mad man max movie is one option.


Do your best to work into a clean grip I do a lot of clean and jerks for fun lol so wrist and shoulder mobility have never been an issue. Straps and work on mobility the X isn’t stable at heavier weights and also is hard to keep a tight back also if you already haven’t invest in some weight lifting shoes and or put a 10lb plate under your heels. I front sqaut 3 days a week before I start whatever my workout for the day is. I just enjoy it and it helps my entire body warm up. Front sqauts can do some amazing stuff to the body