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Front Squats & Wrist Wraps?


Anyone uses wraps to avoid wrist pain while front squatting. Is this possible or do wraps cause less mobility in your joints to hold the bar.
Never used these. Your input please.


I would think that the wrist wraps would limit range of motion which would be counter productive. Also, there should be very little "holding the bar" going on. The bar rests on the base of the neck and shoulders. At most I have 2-3 fingertips of each hand under the bar supporting it.


I've heard lots of people say that they use wraps for FS or cleans because it doesn't take as much wrist flexibility.

I've never done it though, and think you should at least make an attempt to get the olympic form down without them.


If you are doing cleans, then don't use straps. If one is only front squatting and lacks the flexibility, use straps. Makes the lift a lot better.


If wrist pain is an issue, why not do Zercher squats and take the wrists out of the equation? Just a thought.