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Front Squats Sore Shoulders


Do you get sore shoulders from where the bar rests on your shoulders. It prevents me from doing front squats until my shoulders settle down.
It's not heavy weight either just 100kg.


Ideally, it should be on your collarbone, pretty much threatening to choke you out. You may have the bar too low.

That said, I rarely ever front squat.


Do you front squat alot? Usually, after some time the body adapts to the stress, and it won't be so problematic.


T3Punsher is probably right, you aren't racking the bar all the way. If you have access to a SS bar, you can flip it around and do front squats with that It will make your life much easier. Even with that my shoulders will be a little sore if I go heavy just from the support.


To echo, I find that a good indicator for me is when I feel shoulder pain I need to raise my elbows more & get more upright.


thanks for the advice guys always appreciated.


This^ As someone who is just recovering from a labrum tear (Shoulder injury) I can also say that front squats should feel better on your shoulders as oppose to regular back squats. As others have also said, keep those elbows up. The bar should be resting on your delts and against your collarbone/neck.