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Front Squats Rock!


A few weeks back I posted asking about arm lengths because I was having some problems with Front Squats.

In the end, I took the advice given here, widened my grip a bit and just manned up.

This Saturday past I think I had an epiphany. Everything just kind of fell into place and the Front Squat felt like a natural decent excercise for the first time. I am still not moving much weight compared to my back squat but I feel I am on the road.

They are obviously hitting my muscles in a different way as well as I can barely walk today.

Anyway, just wanted to share this little success and say thanks to the people who took the time to reply to my original post.


Good to hear man. It took me some time to fully understand the process of a front squat as well, but once I got it down, it felt great. Keep it up.


same here, i went from bitching about how it hurt my wrists to teaching someone how to do it. now that i've figured it out, it's one of my favorites


Front squats are the shit. Now just bump that lift. Very few things are more impressive than pushing big weight in a hard exercise.


Front squats are awesome. They also dont hurt my knees like heavy back squats do. Please, save the lectures Im not saying back squats cause bad knees they just hurt mine.




Front squats are a wicked exercise. Full stop.


Yep. Front squats good.


Yeah boyyyyyy! Front squats are tough as hell, but that's why I love 'em. A lot more challenging and satisfying, IMO, than back squats, though both have their uses.


Agreed, one of the hardest, one of the best. Try them from a dead start at the bottom position for a change (great for training up on stones). If there was one lift I'd shit myself while doing, this would be it.


I love the fact that on here, this is considered to be a good thing!


Sharting your pants is never a good thing.


Unless you hit a PR in the process.


What? How would that make it a good thing?

EX.A - Grunt Push it, come on 315!!! YESSS!!! oh man I SHARTED!! WEAKKK!!!

As you can see from example A, the PR is obviously a good thing, but the pants pooping is considered "weak." and completely ruins the sense of victory.

Use your head. There is no justification for pooping of the pants.

When you're grindin' out a squat and your pants start feeling hot diarrhea. If your deadlift felt too easy and your ass starts feeling greasy diarrhea.


You are quite the poet elano. I try to shit before squat sessions for a few reasons. As elano said, its total weaksauce and it could potentially ruin a set of squats. The only way to partially redeem yourself would be if you did it on say the first rep of 5, and finished up the set.


LOL! Only then may you be partially redeemed.


The other day at the YMCA I sharted doing 275 for reps of 6. I went down for the last one and when I came up damn if it didnt slip out. Noone was near so I casually slipped off to the bathroom cleaned up and finished doing calfs. Good thing most of my shorts are blue or black.


Atrocious defeat and probably smell. Pics or it didn't happen


Adrenaline is brown, fuggit.


Of course they are,olympic style front squats are really kick ass!!!