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Front Squats on light day


Is it okay if I do Front Squats on light day of Bill Starr's 5x5? Are there any athletic benefits to this? If you support Front Squats on light day, why?


Are you replacing the squat with the front squat or just adding it in?

If you want to replace the back squat on the light day, don't do it. Keep back squatting 3x a week as in the program so you don't fuck with it.

If you are adding it in, stay light and do it for mobility/warming up purposes.


Is that you in your avatar? If so, instead of front squats you should eat more.


Oh, alright, I'll just leave the program as is then, thanks! :slight_smile:


Well since my lifts are still increasing, I don't really think I need to eat any more, thanks anyways


More food is more strength .


You just jelly of his rockin' abs dawg...


"Abs on a skinny guy are like boobs on a fat chick...they don't count."

                                                 --Shelby Starnes

...just thought I'd leave that gem here.


I don't think I'm doing so bad for a 15 year old, whether I'm skinny or not, isn't what I lift more important? If I Squat 245x5 at a bodyweight of 150 better than someone who is 190 Squatting the same?


That's like saying you just won the special olympics....at the end of the day you're still retarded. Who gives a damn what you are doing for a 15 year old. Who cares that you can front squat x lbs for x reps at x weight. Who fucking cares? If I tell you you're doing great OMG you have Super HaWt AbZ, does that mean you're going just be content with that? I sure fucking hope not. The fact is you look like a skinny runt. Your lifts will not be limited by the lack of food you are ingesting if you start eating. Eventually, your lifts are simply going to stall, mainly because of your inability to recover due to lack of food. Yes your lifts are going up. You're a noob getting noob gains like everyone has before you. You're not special. Now man the fuck up, eat a steak, lift heavy shit, stop worry about stupid shit, grow, get stronger, and be a bad ass....not just a skinny dude with abs.


God damn it the responses in this thread are so short sighted and negative.

This is the powerlifting forum. All that matters is your lifts. This is what you are judged by on the platform. No one gives a shit if you are big, small, have abs or have a huge gut. OP never said anything to the effect of bragging about his abs so Starnes' quote in this context is redundant.

OP, you came to ask a question and for some reason everyone seems to be concerned with your diet. I am sure if you had wanted meal plans etc then you would have requested them. You are right in that if your lifts on the day of competition are equal to someone heavier than you, you will place higher than them. So there is nothing wrong with being smaller than big, experienced powerlifters, or even with wanting to stay at a lower weight. The goal is to get STRONG. No one ever told Olech or Fedesienko that they needed to eat like horses and put on lots of weight in order to be stronger.

Regarding your question, I am not familiar with Bill Starr's 5x5 but I am a fan of front squats, mainly for increasing deadlift strength. As the limiting factor of a front squat is usually your core/back, I would advise against using them as a replacement for back squats, but use them as an assistance movement. I would advise using fairly high reps if you are new to the movement.

I know that one of the guys on here (StormtheBeach?) advocates using isometric front squat holds to increase back/core strength. I generally consider them a deadlift assistance movement rather than squat assistance (for me, at least), because you are more upright in a front squat than most people are able to be in a full back squat. Front squats with a pause on a low box are also great for building mid back strength.


When you're that skinny, and when he's that young, food will help his lifts more than anything. If he was an experienced lifter that had determined his competitive weight class, and it was a lower one, and been at this awhile I doubt anyone would have said anything about his weight or appearance. At 15, he is not experienced nor should he be keeping his weight artificially low.


Thank you, atleast someone answered the question I asked with a response that doesn't have to do with eating, I'm aware that eating is obviously going to help me recover


Front squats have very, VERY little transfer to competition squats. That being said, they are a decent deadlift builder. Anyhting with anterior loaded weight will be a great ab exercise as well. I would suggest using them for those two purposes and for assistance work. If your goal is to move some weight in a meet, then you need to do exercises that directly transfer to which ever lift you are working on. Having a sick front squat and a shitty back squat means you are going to have a shitty meet. See what I am saying?

If you are using this program to get ready for a sport, picking one exercise and trying to figure out if it is "athletic" or not is the complete wrong way to approach training. Again, all that matters is improving your ultimate goal. If your sport is front squatting, then yes, front squatting in training will directly transfer to improved sport performance. If you play a sport that requires many different motor skills, like pretty much every team sport, then it doesn't matter if you can front squat the Earth if you aren't scoring points and winnning games.


I agree. That is one of the advantages of strength sports: the results really do speak for themselves. It's a much nobler pursuit than say, bodybuilding, which is transfixed on some subjective ideal. In strength sports, the results are objective, they are real. And as a result, there is a greater sense of comradery and respect among lifters.

But in saying that - posting an avatar of yourself, posing, top-lit... well it does kind of go against the taste of those who do sports like powerlifting, strongman, olympic-lifting.




I see I see, I guess I asked a stupid question, I was just curious about Front Squats, and I'm not in any sports at all.. I don't plan on going to any PL meets either, Lifting weights is just a hobby of mine, and I was just curious if I could do front squats on light day for a change, because I find back squats a little boring, thank you for your answer!


Why does it go against them? I'm not trying to insult anyone, if it's really that big of a deal I'll change my picture, I don't care much for sports like PL, strongman, OL, I just lift for fun and stuff


sorry all


Look at most PL, Strongman, OL, they're usually showing off the bad ass of the sport they're doing, not doing some emo myspace pose - that's more of a bodybuilder type person. If that's your thing then get at it, but you did post in the powerlifting forum, so we are assuming you have intentions of competing or have competed. If you have no intention of doing so, then this thread should have been in the bodybuilder forum. Post and ask questions to the people that have similar goals to you, because the answers will be much more in line with what you're looking for. The goal for us, is maximal strength. For many, this means eating more than probably necessary for the sake of being able to recover. For others it simply means staying in a weight restricted class and getting the best numbers they can. The fact is though, everyone has intentions or does actually compete. So as I said, ask your questions to those who have the same goals as yourself. Are you intending on competing?