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Front Squats on 2x week, option 2


I like SSB front squats since they help me keep my chest up and tight, which helps my squat, but I'm switching to option2 next week. If I want to add front squats on the lower body days of option 2, would I sub out the SSB squats one day or just add them at the end? If I sub, is there a preference for which day?

week 1
Squats 5/3/1
SSB 5x10

week 2
deadlifts 5/3/1
Front SSB 5x10 (or stick with SSB and add front squats at the end)



SSB front squats are kind of pointless due to the camber of the sleeve of the bar. If you are going to use them, use a barbell.

If you want to use Front squats in option 2:

Squat/Deadlift (alternate)
Front Squat (5x5 or something similar)

Do this for a cycle (6 weeks) and see how you feel. Doing sets of 10 reps on the front squat isn’t recommended for most, stick to 5’s.


Perfect - thanks