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Front Squats Hurting Delts


I just tried FS's for the first time the other day and they were really good on my quads but unfortunately I woke up the next day with bruised deltoids where I would keep the barbell rested.

It seemed slightly uncomfortable positioning when I was doing them but I just ignored it.

Are my deltoids bruised just because I'm a virgin to front squats or am I missing something in my form?


You will notice discomfort in the shoulders w/ FS. However, you will get used to the feel. You may need to add some girth to your delts that will help add some padding.

Also, if that does not work you can always do the O style. That is still having the bar in front but holding the bar with your hands. Kinda like a military press but a little closer to your kneck.

And if you have any balance problems, look at the point on the wall were it meets the ceiling. This always helps me. Good luck!!


This is a problem, I too, used to encounter when I began front squating. To suggest a simple remedy, try cleaning the weight from the floor as if you were to perform an olympic lift, keep your elbows high and your head up. It may seem a small detail, but the cleaning of the weight tends to put you in a preferential 'groove'.


Did you do a bodybuilding FS (hands crossed) or a an olympic style FS (elbows out front clean style)? Either way, be sure to keep your elbows up, your chin up, and your torso as vertical as possible.

The delt soreness may persist for a few weeks, but keep the weight light until you learn the correct form. Let us know if you need any more pointers.


i had the same problem, but it goes away once you get used to it. i now feel confident using a cleam grip for FS, and thats with 135-175 on the bar.

FS are awesome so keep at it :smiley:


Keep at it; you'll get used to it :slightly_smiling:

I'm a fan of the BB style (arms crossed) and I push the bar up into clavicle area so that the bar rests in the area separating my delts from my biceps... I keep my elbows up high like a Cossack dancer to keep bar steady and from rolling down my arms. Maybe I'm an inflexible SOB in the wrist area but I want to be able to do them Oly style shortly :frowning:

Have you tried the "Zercher" squat variation? The bar rests in the crook of your elbows as if you're carrying your GF's books back in highschool LOL

Very effective as well in keeping you tight and upright otherwise you fall forward like a deck of cards.


When doing front squats arms crossed style I'll ease up on my delts by letting the bar rest on my upper chest as well. It helps with form because in order to do this your back must be arched.


I do my front squats bb style and I have noticed the same thing, some of the other posters have said that the oly style is more comfortable but it never seems to feel right for me, perhaps I am not flexible enough.

The pain has never really gone away completely but it does diminish over time. It is to the point now that I don't really ever notice unless for some reason I get poked in that area of my delt. Stick with it and it will pass. You could stop doing them, but are you really willing to make that sacrifice for a little pain? :slight_smile:


I had the same problem with pain in my delts until I bought the Sting Ray. Problem solved and no pain. Well worth the money. This exercise is much to good to leave out of your routine. Get the Sting Ray and you don't have to worry about wrist flexibility or pain.


I did it bodybuilding style with hands crossed. Looking at a video of FS olmypic style, it looks like that will be more comfortable than bodybuilding style.

I'll try that and get back if I have any problems, thanks guys for the tips.