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Front Squats Grip Help.


I'm having some trouble with keeping the bar in place as I front squat. I usually rest it on my shoulders and kind of cross my arms over the top. I know you can do front squats with a hang clean grip but I'm not really flexable enough with my wrists, so I guess my question is their other options for front squats then just those two grips?


You can use straps around the bar and hang onto the straps. This allows you to be less flexible but IMO it's not as stable.

I found the troubles with keeping the bar over the delts and chest usually comes with too much weight, maybe lower the weight and concentrate on strict form...


When using the clean grip, try just having two or three fingers from each hand on the bar (let the pinky and ring finger go free). This makes this grip easier because you don't have to rotate your wrist all the way in to get those other fingers all the way on the bar.

You don't have to grip the bar, you're just using your fingers to stabilize it. Keep it from rolling by keeping your back up and your elbows high. I put my pinkies on the outer ring to get my position then set my hands.

It also takes a few tries to get comfortable and flexible for this grip. Unless you're really big or really inflexible, you should be able to use this method.


Dude just work on the olympic style grip, it is so much better IMO and just takes some consistency on your part. Another trick that can help with this style is to have your elbows point somewhat toward each other instead of just go straight.

This takes up some of your forearm "slack" and lets the weight sit more on the shoulders, over time you should be able to grip it normally, it really shouldnt take long. I had a client who was having a bitch of a time one week then the next week she was fine, it really can be that quick.


The Front Squat


I agree with Shadowzz4. It's important to keep your elbows pointed up and pulled in. Other than that, it's just a matter of doing it often enough that your wrists become flexible. Use the smith machine to get used to the position if you have to. Do some wrist stretches and a set or two of light front squats every other day or so. It'll get easier with time, no worries.


If you just try some bar or 95# FrSq as part of your warm up each day your wrists will be pain free and flexible in 2 weeks max. The clean grip is the best. I have to idea how people get by with that other arms crossed thingy.



What's your upper chest development like?

I found that when my upper chest started to fill out front squatting became much easier. It's like having thick traps when you back squat, you can just bury the bar and as an added bonus you don't get the strangulation sensation.

Carnak's advice about the finger positioning when using a snatch grip is also true, I do the same thing.


You probably need less grip flexibility than you think for front squats. In order to keep the bar on me, I only need to keep two fingers on the barbell. I don't think I could comfortably have all my fingers wrapped around the bar.


I also only use two fingers. I don't really even grip the bar. My fingers are there more for stability then anything else.

Also, my fingers are out way farther than my elbows. I put my fingers on the first power ring. I try to squeeze my elbows in as far as I can as well as keeping them high. When I do this my wrist don't need to bend as much because they are sort of at an angle to bar rather then lined up perpendicular. Sometimes my fingers feel a little uncomfortable, but my wrists never hurt.


Use the clean grip and keep your elbows up.

  1. Clean grip

  2. Don't grip the bar.
    Clean the bar into place then let it roll back, fingers unfurl. Practice with the bar then add wieght.

  3. Wrist work. Stretch the wrist forward and backward. Do little wrist circles and move it thru all ranges of motion. Another stretch, grab the bar while its still wracked. Put your shoulder right under your hand gripping the bar. Hand and shoulder should be touching. Now let everything rotate and try to point your elbow to the cieling. Do one side at a time. Check out a few Dan John videos and you should see this.


Well I'm just going to drop weight and do the clean grip until it gets comfortable. For IQ, my chest development isn't much so there really isn't a chest there to rest it on but it's comming, haha. Yeah, well thanks for all of the help.


Doesn't really sit on the chest unless you have massive boobies. Sits on the front delts, collarbone and the front of my neck when I do em.