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Front Squats for Traps?

Read your TRAPS article over on your site you wrote the other week. Had me thinking for my lower training. Zercher Squats will be added back. What do you think about the front squat as an upper back builder as well?. Plan is to alternate those two lifts. Zerchers and Snatch Grip RDL’s Leg Day 1. Zercher Good Morning’s and Front’s on Leg day 2. Goal is to build the upper back and traps to that of a silver back gorilla, LOL. Zercher Carries and Farmer Walks tossed in as well. Thanks for all your trap training articles.


I don’t see front squats as traps-stimulating, especially compared to Zerchers. Trap bar deadlift rom a deficit using a squatting technique (more upright body, lower hips) would be a better choice.

I can’t believe what the Prowler is doing to mine. I assume it’s keeping the arms outstretched to push it, lots of time under tension.