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Front Squats Damaged my Shoulder?!

So back in the day I used the clean grip even though it always made my left clavicle bruise. Well last year I did them again for about 6 weeks but had to use the cross arm hold as I just don’t have the flexibility for the other anymore.

Long story short, what I thought was just temporary pain on my left shoulder(acromion to be exact), has not gone away.

My last front squat was August 27th. It hurts quite a bit when I just press down on the acromion, slipping my arm through a jacket, and even just taking a shirt off. I wonder if the pressure of the barbell caused subacromial bursitis?

I know this is random, but I’m curious if anyone else has gone through something like this and/or has any words of wisdom?

I’m a big believer of doing whatever it takes to get blood flow for healing, but it seems the only way it ever feels better is if I try to use my left arm as little as possible.

You may have sprained an AC joint, but it’s impossible to say for sure based on your post. Get checked by a professional