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Front Squats and Wrist Flexibility

I was wondering if anyone could give some advice on how to increase flexibility in the wrists to perform front squats while holding the bar in a push press position. It hurts my wrists and I cannot control the weight. I can do them just fine by crossing my arms. Is they are way to work on this or do some people just not have the flexibility in their wrists to be able to do it. Thanks for any advice.

Keep stretching in all directions (wrists, that is), and develop your rack, as it were. it should be possible for the bar to stay in position without hands holding. maybe work on the chest???

This worked for me (chest was ok mind!), and i developed it fairly well after 2 weeks.

keep doing it. they’ll loosen up in a week or two.

I used to think that people who had trouble with Front Squats were just complainers…then, I busted my wrist into a fair number of pieces and had to retrain my left wrist.

It was not “overnight.” I found that stretching my wrist in the hot tub was like the fast track to wrist flexibility…for me. I did all the standard stretches, but the heat and water seemed to allow me to push it a bit more.

You could do the same with a sink, of course…but you might not have the enjoyment of a Pinot Noir and friends.

I have the same problem.
The only way I can do front squats is with my hands crossed. But my shoulders hurt like hell. I can not move past 245 lbs just because my shulders can not take it any more! Please, tell me if it is easier to hold the bar in push position (theoretically for me). Or is it as painfull on shoulders as with crossed hands?

When I first got back to the olympic lifts after my first stint at “bodybuilding” training I found that I had that same problem. What I did was this (you need a training partner though):

  1. Load the bar with an immovable weight and place it on the safety pins of a power rack so that it’s about the same height as when you are in the starting position of the front squat.

  2. You’ll use straps and attach your hands to the bar then grab it with your front squat grip.

  3. Lift your elbows as high as possible while keeping a straigh torso.

  4. Have your partner push on your elbows to raise them further… hold the “new” high position for 6 seconds and push down on his hads, trying to bring your elbows down (your partner should prevent that from happening). After 6 seconds, relax completely and then have your partner bring your elbows slightly higher. Once the new high position is reached, try to bring your elbows down again, etc. Do this until you can’t go any higher.

You know, I didnt do front squats for a while because of this issue.
I kept trying different ways to remedy wrist pain and found one: when you bend your wrist back, I put my finger right parallel to my deltoid. This sort of evens out the pressure between my hand and my delt.