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Front Squats and Shoulders

Hey everybody. Quick question: are front squats easier on the shoulders if your shoulders are fatter? My shoulders have always been fat-free, even after bulks, so I’m wondering how people can do 400+ on those exercises.

I’m also wondering if it will get less painful (like squats got less painful for my traps) over time (I’m new to front squats) or if it’s just another lifting discomfort that I’ll have to overcome to up my poundage. Thanks…

usually people put something on the bar when they start using a lot of weight to make it easier on the shoulders…

I also think it’s one of those things that gets easier as you do the exercise. My shoulders can handle it now compared to when I first started it hurt quite a bit and I’d be bruised the next day.

Toughen up! I used to think the same thing. How could anybody lift so much.

Actually, your shoulders will adapt after several weeks. I seem to have a constant bruise on my delts, but it doesn’t hurt. It seems like the skin thickens.

i get bruises even with back squats on my shoulders.

as for front squats i cant do them… im not sure what i lack but probably all: upper and lower back flexibility and elbow/wrist flexibility cause the bar just seems to rest on my hands rather than my shoulders and will fall forward.

I love front squatting. So much easier on my lower back. At first they killed my shoulders, but about 2 weeks into it I got used to it. You’ll get use to it too.

Thanks for the responses so far. I also need to work on making sure the bar stays rested on my shoulders and won’t be in danger of rolling forward when I descend. I assume I need to lean backwards enough if that is a problem of mine?

How are you resting your arms on your shoulders? If you’re crossing your arms, I would suggest holding it like a push press, which is easier if your arms arm a little wider than your shoulders, and then keep your elbows up high and it should stay back. Even if you have to lighten it up initially, due to tight wrists, you should adapt quickly and the heavier weights will be easier to hold.

Good luck.

Yea…your shoulders will get used to it…and whether you cross your arms or do it olympic style, keeping your elbows up should prevent the bar from rolling.

I’ve been doing them for a few weeks, and I notice each time I do them my shoulders hurt a bit less