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Front Squats and Box Squats Form Check

Box squats-6 x 95kg(first time doing them so load is not the priority here)

Front squat-1 x 112.5kg

Front squats-3 x 105kg

Please comment on my form,thanks!

It looks to me like you drop onto the box a little hard, but other than that everything looks good.

You’re coming down a bit hard onto the box, you’re not sitting back enough and rocking off the box isn’t good. Looks pretty decent overall tho.

definitly sit slowly on the box or u will hurt ur spine with heavier loads!

Like is mentioned above. You are not sitting back enough. You are using alot of knee to get down which should not be the case. Also if you are going to use the step platform turn it the other directing and you might want to put a foam pad on it because it will hurt the ass.

When you are sitting on the box try to get your leg to be a minimum of 90, your knee is in front of your feet when you are doing it. Also remember to lead our with your head and upper back when coming out of the hole. It should be the first thing that moves to get you coming back up

Sit back more, try to keep the knees from going over the toes, don’t plop down onto the box and stay tight throughout the entire ROM.