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Front Squats and BBB

I’ve always done front squats with 5/3/1 and wanted to start BBB next cycle, keeping front squats in the main work and 5x10 back squats as supplemental. Front squats are still my main interest when it comes to squats.
One thing I did in the last few micro-cycles was to reduce the TM increment in front squats from 10lbs to 5lbs per cycle when my TM approached 220lbs, which is the current TM, and worked up to a quite good single at 242lbs last week. At 170lbs of weight, I’m approaching the 1.5bw 1RM that was my original goal.
I’m coming out of the Leviathan program, that had me ramping up in triples to hit a single with the TM every week, but BBB prescribes to use 5’s Pro - I’ve noticed that front squats respond a bit better to sets of lower reps and that sets of 5 could grind me out from time to time. Should I:
-keep the Leviathan setup (work up to TMx1 every week);
-change 5’s Pro in 3’s Pro;
-suck it up and keep 5’s Pro by eventually lowering the TM (right now it’s at 90%)

What I have been doing is front squat as main and SSB as supp. I’m doing the leader/anchor thing though and on anchor I only do front squat. Basically anchor is a bit lower volume then I get more front squat volume there even though the overall volume is lower, basically more specialized in what I want to improve.

Sadly, my gym doesn’t have an SSB, or any other “exotic” piece of equipment like trap bars or farmer walk implements or even kettlebells. Only barbells, dumbbells, bars and machines - I’ve seen a video for a diy SSB using towels but doesn’t appeal me much.
I feel most comfortable when I back squat fairly high bar, with the same stance width and feet orientation that I use in front squats, so the hope is that there’s some transfer between the two lifts. Also hoping that doing some high volume back squats will help my deadlift too.
Running a leader/anchor setup too, the basic idea is 5’s Pro + BBB for two cycles, followed by an anchor of PR sets and Widowmakers - but like you, I usually change things up for the front squats in the anchor, by working up to TM or to 95%TM x3 and then following with Jokers with 5% increases