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Front squat

is there another exercise i could do to replace the front squat.

Depends on your reason for replacing the Front Squat, I suppose, and what part of the leg you’re trying to hit. A recent thread produced the suggestion that Zercher Squats are an interesting alternative. Do a search if you haven’t heard of them before and you’ll find more info and how to perform them.

Depends on what the rest of your program looks like. You could replace them with Barbell or Dumbell Step ups, or Hack squats, though hack squats isolate the VMO for the most part and are a terrible nervous system exercise because they take the hip extensors out of the movement to a great degree. But if you are using front squats for a quad exercise they could work.

sorry to interupt this thread, but what do you mean by “a terrible nervous system” movement? because the hip flexors are not used?

to the OP, is it your wrists? Keith Wassung recommended people to use their wrist straps and loop them over the bar. saves your wrists if they’re sensitive or inflexible.