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Front Squat ?

wide guy i also had the problem where you cant breathe it friggin sucks this was with the clean grip I tried the cross grip and felt much better i know lots of people swear buy the clean grip but do whatevers comfortable personally i like the feeling of breathing


Aggod way to help you clean the bar properly to to a fron squat is to take one elbow at a time pressed against a wall as high as possible above your head. This will help your clean grip. also stand with and empty bar and practice with a clean grip suatting down . It will feel awkward but trust me after a few weeks your wrists will not hurt. I suggest also going for a massage will help your flexiblity

I think this is basically what bookerT was saying, but it helped me.
Load a bar on the rack so it will be at the height you would hold it for a front squat. Get your clean grip on it and step under the bar so it’s across your shoulders and then without lifting the bar, push your elbows up, getting a good stretch.
It’s a good idea to stretch your wrists out first so they are pretty loose when you start, and just take it slow.
This really helped me, along with trying different grip widths until I found the ones that felt right.

i dont think the grip would significantly affect the load you could use. i barley hold the bar, it pretty much just sitts in the groove made by my delts. as long as you elbows are high in whatever grip you take you will be fine.

“Sure when Coleman tells me his drug schedule.
And I was talking about alot of weight…meaning more that 315 for Wide in the long run.”

Oh so anyone could front squat 500+ on gear?
My point was that it is possible to handle very high poundages with the arms crossed. Some folks do not have the genetics, time, or patience to learn the clean grip FS.

Oly lifters can sometimes Front Squat triple bodyweight. Coleman is only doing double at best. Coleman’s figures are attainable for someone willing to gain enough weight.