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Front Squat Workout, Suggestions?

The following is a layer-inspired front squat workout:
Friday 5am

Banded ankle stretches, hip band flexion
Leg curl warmup
Front squat:
a. 95x3, 135x3, 155x3, 185x3, 205x3, 225#x3 (all sets with hip band, 90s rest)
b. 205# 3 x 4-6 cluster (2.5m rest)
c. 185# 3 x 5 / 15s rest / 3 (2.5m rest)
d. 185# 3 x 3 close stance / 3 wide stance / 3 back squats (2.5m rest)
Calf work

Saturday notes:
Lots of quad, trap, mid back and glute soreness (nice!).

Racking and unracking is the toughest part of the workout. Maybe do cluster sets/reps “b” from pins (Anderson front squats), rack the last rep of the last cluster and continue the workout to “c”.

Maybe drop “c” to 2 sets.

Maybe change “d” to 155# 2 x 5 front squats / max back squats OR JUST 185# 2 x max back squats.

I love the front squat and fits perfectly with my goal of building the quadriceps, glutes and upper back. Lots of banded ankle stretching and hip flexor contractions with hip band for warmups work nice for me.

Calf work should be light stuff since I’m tired after all those squats (it’s also my 4th calf workout of the week). Leg curls are just to pump up some blood 2-3 sets of 10-15, although I’m thinking about going for 1-2 hard sets and do (d) for only 1-2 sets.

Is there a question?