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Front Squat vs Back Squat


front squat vs back squat
For olympic lifts which has more carry over effect to lifts Bs or FS?


Front squat has the most carry over....but depending on where you're at both lifts are needed front squat helps the back squat and the back squat helps the front squat. The front squat is the most specific to sport though


well according to Brozknoz back squat has more carry over to snatch


makes sense if you think about it. in the catch phase of the snatch the bar is in pretty much the same position as in a back squat, save for the fact that it's over your head. this probably means that the back squat is better able to mimic the torso and limb angles found in the snatch, while building strength in those positions. just my thoughts


people don't typically have any problem standing up their snatches, though (myself excepted). people do frequently have trouble standing up their cleans, though, and front squat obviously has more carry-over to cleans since the bar is in the same position.


the reason the back squat has more carryover with the snatch compared to the clean.... compared to the front squat is that the angle of your back in the pull with the snatch is more like the angle of the back in the back squat. Your torso is not as upright as in the clean.

I guess it also applies in the squat up but yeah... almost noone has trouble with that in the snatch anyway.

Front squats do have more carryover IMO, but I think you need to do both to improve both your squat faster. One of the most common ways to change up your program when you reach a plateau is to change the kind of squat you do. Luckily we don't have to do BS like zercher squats or something.


it's not just squatting the bar up that they're good for. you're right, no one ever got pinned by a snatch, but people have lost snatches that they otherwise could have held onto if they had been a bit stronger. you can argue that their technique should've been better and blah blah blah, but there's no such thing as being too strong while sitting in a rock bottom squat position and balancing a weight over your head. the torso angle in the back squat is closer to the that of the snatch, so the strength and stability are being built in a more specific position.

also, back squats just do more for overall general strength than front squats do, imo. it's like they make your entire body stronger. they should be done by all but the most advanced lifters i think.


so what should a olympic lifter do? concentrate equally on front and back?


I think the closer you are to your potential the more you should be front squatting rather than back squatting.

Just like the more you should be doing the lifts instead of assistance exercizes, or even squatting for that matter.


FS for me.



nobody thought to say the obvious??

people don't typically have any problem standing up their snatches, though (myself excepted).

well dear, thats because you need to do your back squats!!

seriously, though... i have trouble with finding a pain free high bar placement. i have traps - but i can't seem to find a sweet spot where it doesn't feel like it is crushing the vertebrae in a bad way. i have started doing low bar back squats where i can find a pain free if not totally comfortable place for it. hopefully i can move the bar up as i progress.

i do think it is important to get the body (joints, ligaments etc) used to the heavier loads.

i also think it is important (for me anyway, even if not oly lifting more generally) to really get the squat to be a smooth and automatic movement. with the loads in different places etc. i'm not sure that there will be negative motor interference from different squat patterns... it is about the body doing what is most efficient (hence natural) given different task demands... but maybe not... i have crazy theories sometimes (my last one was that one only needed to front squat for oly lifting)


try tilting your head back toward the bar. the traps form a little pocket and the vertebra "disappears" underneath them.


try doing shrugs. I find the traps gain mass very quickly and that might be what you need. Granted it never feels very comfortable but I remember when I first squatted it felt like it was crushing on some bone on my neck as well. I don't remember if it was lack of muscle in the traps or if I was placing it wrong.

Back squats strengthen your back more overall than front squats. I think thats the 2nd main reason to do them.


sigh. just what every girl wants. bigger traps.

yeah, alright, i'll try tilting my head back a bit. that does make sense.
i do draw the line at shrugs, though...
but i have been working high pulls to try and get the hang of letting the elbows bend and getting the bar to track close.


Athletic hard body is much better then looks great but feels like the michellon woman...



should learn to front squat clean grip style they say . i saw phillipe jean front squat 585 pounds for three sloppy reps croos over fashion recently . he weighs 320 pounds. front squat were called pulling squat


I've been doing both. BS and FS. One difference I've noticed through lifting and coaching. In back squat you can add a lot of support to your torso with your lats. In front squat your hands are in a position where it's more difficult. This is partly reason why upper back is rounding a lot of times when you do heavy front squats.

Because of this back squat (in my opinion) could be better for overall strength, if your training for a sport. Front squats overload the quads more, which is good if thats what you want. Ofcourse you can alter the back squat to target more quads or posterior chain. (olympic vs power style squat)