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Front Squat vs. Back Squat While Bulking

Hey T-Nation I finally decided to stop lurking. I have been lifting for a while and have been struggling to put on weight. I usually skip out on leg workouts because my legs are well developed from soccer. A lot of articles recommend squats to help put on mass. Why does squatting help add mass on the upper body and which squat works better? thanks

Simple answer:

Leg workouts don’t add a significant amount of muscle to your upper body.

Your legs are not as well developed as you think, you’ve most likely just fallen prey to the thinking that if your legs won’t fit into skinny jeans, they must be hyooge.

Use all squat variations. Front, back, zercher, v-squats, hack squats, lunges…also deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, stiff legged deadlifts, good mornings, romanian deadlifts…get stronger at all of those. You will benefit from it.

one of my friends said he had really strong legs from playing soccer his whole life. He said he could probably rep out 315 on the back squat with no training. I took him to the gym to show me and after struggling with 225 for 1/4 reps i felt bad and we moved onto another lift.

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If squats don’t add muscle everywhere, why do people constantly spit out the misconception that “GOMAD” + Squats add pounds. Now I’m sure leg muscles + glutes + Back add a significant amount of weight. Why do people insist on leaving that sort of specificity out of Bulking articles.

I can infer that the reason behind this is to avoid the run of the mill “chicken legged” douche syndrome. However, there are those of us that already want to add size to our legs. Let the people who insist on leaving legs out suffer to their fate. Survival of the fittest. Don’t withhold the info; offer it. Let the natural selection of strength training and bodybuilding take course.

But please, do tell, why does every article insist on breaking through those tough weight barriers, and adding pounds from squatting. Someone please elaborate. If it does, where, and if everywhere, why?

squatting with any reasonable amount of weight (1.5 bw+ and working up to that) forces the entire body to help balance, support and move the weight. do you think it wont try and adapt to that?

Professional soccer players do squats. Neither type of squat is going to bulk up your upper body, but your core is going to get a killer workout from squats, which helps give you the platform to develop your upper body.