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Front Squat Video


Just hit a front squat PR, 2 sets of 3 reps with 310lbs @ 182ish BW.
Pretty excited!


NICE congrats! Looking strong you smoked the lift!


awesome u got 2 more reps in u
my goal is around that too



Better then mine :stuck_out_tongue:



Awesome job man.


Excellent. That's definitely a respectable front-squat, the kind of weight you don't see too often.

Keep up the hard work.


hi when i do front squats i feel more pressure on my forearms.is this normal?


oh and i also feel a sharp pain in my forearm after.is this normal too?i am obviously doing something wrong?


If something hurts, you're doing something wrong and/or have poor flexility/mobility.


If you feel pressure/pain in your forearms, you are probably holding the bar with your wrists. The weight of the bar should be beared by your shoulders and collarbone, not by your fingers and wrist. The finger only balance the weight. If you have good positioning you should be able to front squat with your arms straight out, although I wouldn't try that with heavy weight and no rack!

Check out how right when I unrack the bar, the weight is on my front delts/collarbone. Stretch your wrists after your workout and do lots of wrist circles before your workout.


Nice lift man.

I'm doing some front squats tonight and this really motivated me.



you get extra points for having to listen to barenaked ladies while squatting.


Good looking front squat, man. Looks like you grip the bar more than I do. Do you keep all of your fingers on the bar?

As for Weapon's question, Kroll is right, you need to be able to rest the bar on your shoulders without holding it at all. You can practice that by holding your arms out in front of you and rest the bar on your delts.

I've got a front squat vid in my profile, and I only use three fingers on the bar. It should be all shoulders.



Not exactly the best music to psych up to!


Yeah, I guess I do. I try to hold the bar the same way that I would after recovering from a clean. I do notice sometimes that during an extended set, my fingers will slide and I will finish the set with two fingers of each hand on the bar.


Thanks for the compliments everybody.


Good stuff buddy. Looked nice.


I grab the bar fully with my fingers. I never do any arm work before I do the OLifts.