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Front Squat Training Advice


I don't train olympic very much, but I do enjoy front squats.

...however my max is still about 65% of my back squat max. I know you guys are the front squat pros so i came for advice or shared experiences.

Any advice or recommendations for training? rep scheme etc? How many days a week? that sort of thing? Any and all comments and advice is greatly appreciated!


it's pretty much the same as back squat. How often you will front squat depends on your goals. 1:2 ratio front:back or 2:3 can work fine. If you want it to catch up.. which should be at least 75% then you probably should reverse the ratios... 2:1 or 3:2 front:back squat.

Reps, sets.. it's no different than anything else.

Also I assume that your back squat is high bar full squat?


Your FS has a lower ratio due to you not hammering the FS as often as your BS is my guess.

I'd do 6x6 FS every other session for 15 sessions then I'd start to taper down to 4reps x 5sets then down to 3x3 then to just hitting heavy singles every other day with 2 drop down sets. But there are many ways to do things this is just my prefered method.



what % of your daily max do you do your drop down sets with, Koing?


Not set. Just go as heavy as you can go. I started with 155, now it's up to 164 as my 2RM. Sometimes I only manage 158 or whatever.

If you can get to about 10-15kg thats good. If not work on it, it'll improve. My 2RM was terrible before.

Expect to PB every 2-3 weeks imo. You WILL have some poor sessions in those 2-3 weeks but you'll get that one day where your ON IT and you'll hit it all for a new PB. 1-2kg but it adds up. 1-2kg every 2-3 weeks is a very healthy 18-26kg per year :smiley:



thanks for the info.

In my case I don't train back squat very often any more, maybe once every 2 weeks. MAYBE. and even then I don't do more then singles. my position for the bar is pl style fairly high bar but honestly i'm not sure compared to oly style. I do hit depth for the most part below parallel.

i front squat far more--but i tend to rep out, but my depth is deeper on front sq. 6x6 sounds like a good option :slight_smile: thank you.


The deeper depth on your FS will make it not comparable to your BS that is more PL style.

Your FS will get jacked. Just stick with it and don't rep out so much.

If your use to doing FS already then cut the 6x6 or do it for only say 3 weeks then push on to 4x4-5sets instead. Then taper down to singles when your body get use to the heavier loads.



i see! then that does make sense. thanks you!!


Not looking to highjack, but is it bad when your hamstrings touch your calves? (bad for your knees or something?)


@Demidevil - No, quite the opposite in fact. I've had to rehab many knees because Group Exercise classes teach partial squats. Your knee can bend that much, therefore it should be trained through such a range. I'd argue that most injuries are a result of weakness about a joint through a range of motion.


I hate back squats yet I do them.

I love fronties and I do them as well as I can.