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Front Squat to Back Squat Ratio


Ive never been a guy to get caught up in the ratios, my deadlift is almost double my bench but i think i have an imbalance of sorts

my squat for this cycle is about 565 however my front squat is only 365 or 65 percent of my regular squat

im just curious if yall have any knowledge on a typical front to back squat ratio and some personal front and back squat numbers so they can be compared

Workout Program...Legit?
Front Squat Bad Compared to Back Squat.
Front Squat Bad Compared to Back Squat.

I think that’s too hard to generalize as it would have a lot to do with mobility, limb ratios etc.

My front squat always stays at around 85-90% of my back squat, regardless of whether I train the former or not. That said, my squat is pretty weak.


My difference is considerable as well. 615 on back to 455 on front…I think this is true for most people. It isn’t the legs that fail it is my core stability not being able to hold the weight out in front of me.



Best Back Squat: 600
Best Front Squat:450
Ratio: 75%


Best Back Squat: 530
Best Front Squat: 405
Ratio: 76%

So pretty consistent for me. How ever I am with Alpha the number one reason I have ever lost a front Squat is due to upper back rounding. Which is why is why I strongly believe you should wrap your front squats in order to really overload the upper back as much as possible whether your doing it to increase the front or back squat.


thanks for the responses guys much appreciated

i only started stressing fronts a couple of months ago and im still pretty new with them so the difference in front and back worried me. its pretty apparent now that comparing the two is not something to live by .

with that being said have you guys experienced a direct correlation in front squat pr to back squat pr

new front squat pr = new back squat pr?


Yes without a doubt


Best back squat is 500

Best front squat is 425, and I am good for ~435.

85-90% of my back squat.


To date my squat ratios are 655:0.

fuck front squats. :slight_smile: lol

Seriously tho, I only do FS on occasion. I’d rather play with the atlas stones / stone trainer.


Depends on how you squat. Wide stance low bar to parrallel is less related to front squat than narrow stance high bar and deep. When I hit a 500 pound wide stance squat my front squat was only like 265. Today my front squat is 330 and my narrow stance deep high bar squat is only about 365.


You have some massively over developed Hams and Hips or you have some insanely under developed quads Duce


[quote]Reed wrote:
You have some massively over developed Hams and Hips or you have some insanely under developed quads Duce [/quote]

some of both. And I’m working on it.


I didn’t mean to sound as rude as I did sorry.


Wrapped + Belt LBBS is 455
High Bar no belt or wraps 405
Front Squat no belt or wraps 335, 73% of best LBBS

My quads are overdeveloped I think.


[quote]Reed wrote:
I didn’t mean to sound as rude as I did sorry.[/quote]

No Problems, I didn’t take it that way. I was laughing at myself.


Front squat- 285
Back squat- 350
81%, also did front squats for about a year straight and my back squat didnt move. Pretty much same stance on both, little below parallel.


Best Back squat: 615 High bar knee sleeves only
Best Front squat: 550

I’m a quad dominant squatter (oly background), so this ratio is typical.


thanks again for all the responses yall

basically what i got out of this is that if the front squat is less than 75% (give or a take a bit) there will be a correlation from them to back squats

and any one thats front squat is >85% then back will not see a huge benefit


Front 365
Squat 455x3
Maybe I should throw fronts back in…


I don’t get any carry over from front squats. I do get very good carry over from high bar, manta ray, and different stance squats. The SSB squat is great if I’m having issues with upper back caving on squatting which usually it isn’t but sometimes becomes an issue.

I think front squats are pretty good for building the anterior core and upper back for deadlifts.


What’s the point of doing front squats? I ask this because I stopped front squatting a while ago because it was putting way too much stress on my spine. I believe this was because of a weak core?