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Front Squat to Back Squat Ratio


Hey guys, what is your back squat to front squat ratio?

also i thought it would be interesting to ask if you would be considered long or short legged.
most people with short legs seem to be comparatively better in the front squat.

ill go first

front squat 157.5 (probably could have gotten 160)

back squat 190 (probably could have had 195)

so thats 82.8%

I would also be considered to have longer then average legs for a weightlifter.

Workout Program...Legit?

longer legs
back squat 150 last maxing out, probably more like 160-165 right now
front squat just barely didn't make 130 today, roughly the same % as yours


I'm only posting this because it's funny.

Front 275
Back 515

I'm working on it.


FS: 90kg
BS: 100kg

90% ratio. Perhaps it will change when the weight gets heavier.

I think my legs are neither short nor long compared to my torso. Height is about 175cm (5'9").


How do you know if you have short or long legs?


good question haha, there isnt really a set in stone definition. I was basically thinking about just by eye-balling it. some people are noticeably stumpy and have very long torsos and short legs and others have noticeably long limbs and shorter torsos.


look at kakhiasvili's starting position, look at how long his torso is compared to his legs.

me? if I sit down , my shoulders will almost touch my knees... so i got rather long legs which are very nice if you like scraping your shins :slightly_smiling:


This is funny haha.

As for mine:
175kg front squat
201kg back squat

So that's about 87%. And I have no idea if I've got short (don't think so) or long (who knows?) legs.


190kg FS, 200kg BS = 95%. Need to get stronger :-/


There are a lot of big numbers here (for me). Those who back squat 200kg and above, what's your bodyweight?


thats a first! 95% is pretty crazy, can you take a video of a front squat, i just want to see your form.

you must stay VERY upright



Whats a first? I do stay upright, theres not much difference in my torso position between front and back squat.


My last tested max front squat was 300 lbs. Last tested backsquat 335. Both relatively recently.




For those of you too lazy to do the math.


^I'm going to post my numbers in square roots now :smiley:


The most I have front squatted with good form is 130 kg, back squat with good form is 140 kg.

These are done after the power lifts, however. I don't count back squats where the lower back breaks and you do a good morning to get the weight up. My best that way is 150 kg recently.


190 back squat - Low bar with belt
180 back squat - High bar no belt
160 Front squat - No belt
125 Overhead squat - do you guys even try and max this?
89% of high bar
84% of low bar


Jonty, we are very similar apart from you lift more then me! mofo!

bw: 89kg
front 170
back 201 : On Russian Squat Routine, so no lifting, probably about 190 when lifting as I'd lose about 5% with lifting week in week out with squats.

Currently I'm rocking around.
bw 90
front 155
back 180 x 2

Going to take about 4 weeks to get back where I was.

A solid figure to aim for is about 80-85%

GT man, thats a fatty front squat! Whats wrong with your back squat? I'd figure with a 190 front you'd at least get a 210-215 back squat at the very minimum!



shakes fist good-naturedly at debra


What about the lazy people who think in pounds?