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Front Squat Testing

Hi Guys

Over the last few months l have followed alot of Mike Boyle’s work and hence have started front squatting alot more with my athletes. Some of you may think this is soft, but the level of muscle tension in the lumbar spine has and hips has decreased post training and back pain overall has signitifcantly reduced.

Anyway im interested to find out what you guys consider an ideal front squat weight or what you set as goals for front squat testing with your athletes. ie 1.5 x BW, 2 x BW etc.

75% of BSQ

Thats a tough one bro I mean big difference in say a 150 lb gymnast or light weight wrestler etc and say a BIG ASS 300lb offensive lineman. %'s fall short a lot in that way

I can say Im sitting at 405 for a double at a bw of 230 and as a strongman competitor feel I have a long way to go


@176 bw
FS= 319 3x3
BS= 405

For an OLer, I would expect the front squat to be a greater percentage of the back squat than the 80%

1.5x front squat ATG (properly, not some some h alf baked attempt) is a solid number imo.

2x ATG is a lot for most guys that are 85kg+.
2.5x ATG and a beast
3x ATG and your a monster

Me @ 86Kg 150kg x 3reps front squat, 180Kg back squat 1RM, 160kg x 4reps. My squats are okay.


My front squat is 90%+ of my back squat.